Building for Communities

From AU$1145

What is a Building Volunteer gap year?

Volunteering is a great way to invest in your career and your community. When you volunteer, you share your time and skills with people and organizations without expecting to be paid. As a volunteer, you have the chance to boost your career in many ways, from getting workplace experience to building skills and expanding your network. A building volunteer gap year is your chance to get stuck into some really practical building and renovation work to help boost some of the poorest communities.

Is it made for me?

Are you hands-on about helping people and have a genuinely sincere attitude about wanting to make a difference? If so, then you're in the right place! All it takes is a positive mindset and a willingness to dedicate your time for someone else. Accommodation is provided. Support will be provided for other steps, including food, flights, visas, and other arrangements.

What will I do as a building volunteer?

Building projects vary depending on the time you arrive but the variety of activities you will be involved in include digging the foundations, clearing land, putting up walls, painting, hygiene maintenance such as running water, toilets and washing facilities that work towards creating gardens and play areas. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty because no contribution is too small!

Where can I do it?

Singburi, meaning Lion City in Sanskrit, is known as the spiritual heartland of Thailand and the Land of Heroes. A good way to spend a few hours is by visiting one or more of the many “wats”, Buddhist temples some of which have giant Buddha statues. Pak Bang Market is also well worth a visit. Thailand is just a beautiful country-outstanding natural gorgeousness, impressive architecture, eye-catching temples, and lovely, friendly people. The town is surrounded by mountains and creates a picturesque landscape, an idyllic location for travellers and volunteers.

What will my experiences be as a building volunteer?

Your time volunteering in Thailand is a great opportunity to do something really helpful and practical in Asia - instead of just thinking about it. You’ll be helping to build and renovate buildings and facilities in the community that are in desperate need of restoration and improvement.

How is this good for me?

Really? I can’t think of a single reason this wouldn’t be beneficial for you. Just as beneficial, in fact, as it is for the disadvantaged children you’ll be building educational centres for and the community you’ll be showing support for.


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