Costa Rica/Bali

Turtle Conservation

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What is a Turtle Conservation gap year?

Help protect and preserve endangered sea turtles.  Protect natural nesting sites, assist in the hatchery and incubation and just imagine ....... release tiny baby turtles into the sea!

Is it made for me?

Are you an activist, an environmentalist, or just a straight up animal lover? This species is in danger of extinction as a result of various human activities such as infrastructure development, light pollution, transportation of vehicles, and the capture of adult turtles. Becoming a volunteer on this amazing programme will allow you to play a part in securing the future of these fascinating creatures.

What will I do as a Sea Turtle Conservation volunteer?

During your time as a volunteer you may undertake various activities that depend on your location. These may include helping to construct a turtle hatchery, protecting and closely monitoring the recovered eggs in the hatchery, marking turtles that are nesting, searching for marked turtles and collecting data, releasing baby sea turtles from the hatchery, helping with maintenance of the facilities of the project, planting trees in different areas of the beach and town, and numerous other activities.

Where can I do it?

Nusa Penida (an island just off the voast of Bali), Sri Lanka or Costa Rica.  The Bali and Sri Lanka programs both start with a week of culture, activities and sightseeing before you join the turtles from week 2 onwards.

In Costa Rica, choose form the Caribbean coast or the Pacific coast, two equally enticing options. Getting to Costa Rica requires a lot of flying but it's worth the effort - the little Central America nation is a popular destination, with attractions that appeal to all tastes, especially nature lovers.

What will my experiences be as a Sea Turtle Conservation volunteer?

Join a group of like-minder travellers and help save the sea turtle species with a mix of science and positive human intervention. An opportunity not to be missed! 

How is this good for me?

Students hoping to gain a place in competitive programs, such as veterinary medicine, gain immeasurable steps in their careers by participating in projects such as the Conservation of Sea Turtles gap year program. Employers won’t often come across an application that lists saving an endangered species with such hands-on measures so set yourself up now with a program you will love in a beautiful country you’d love to explore.


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