Work & Live Japan

From AU$900
up to 4 Months
Paid work

What's a Work & Live Japan Gap Year

Most people tend to associate Japan with sushi and excessive amounts of snow, but one of Japan’s hidden gems is its tropical beaches. On one of the southernmost islands is Okinawa, Japan’s most popular coastal summer destination. Spend your gap year working on Okinawa in a beach resort meeting some of the friendliest people in Japan and exploring the “Ryukyu” culture. You can learn the language, soak up the sun and have access to endless water sports!

Is it made for me?

If you often find yourself day-dreaming about visiting a tropical island then you are in the right place. A Work and Party Japan Gap Year will send you to the beautiful island of Okinawa where you will have access to a variety of jobs to earn your keep as you settle into your new beach bum lifestyle. Known for its tropical climate, expansive beaches and coral reefs, you will always have something new to try or somewhere new to explore. Otherwise you can spend every spare moment lazing on the beach under the sun.

What will I do?

When you’re in Okinawa, you will get to choose from a variety of jobs ranging from working in a restaurant, in a gift shop, as a beach or pool attendant, as a concierge and much more. With so many options there is something to suit just about everyone. No matter the job, you will be able to spend your free time immersing yourself in the beach culture of the area. Common activities include jet skiing, scuba diving and zip-lining in the local rainforests.

Where can I do it?

Okinawa is the most popular summer resort area in Japan. A tropical oasis, Okinawa is a spectacular beach destination with a rich culture. The people are extremely friendly and add to the beauty of the area.

What will I experience?

Spending your gap year in Okinawa will satisfy every craving for the beach lifestyle that you have been dreaming about all winter. Work will allow you to adapt to the lifestyle of the area and continuously meet new people. The Japanese are known for being very friendly and trustworthy people so you will feel very welcome. In your free time you will be able to explore the coast of the island and discover what sea life exists in the area. The beach resort life offers natural beauty, outdoor activities and friendly people that all contribute to giving you the best experience!

How is this good for my career?

This experience will provide the perfect holiday to give you a break from your past 13 years of school. You will meet so many new people and make lifelong friends. When you return home, you will be a cultured, independent traveller and those attributes appeal to almost every career as it reflects how outgoing and adventurous you are.

Some Mo' Info

You'll need to know how to speak conversational Japanese. You'll be assessed before you apply, but don't stress if you don't get accepted the first time. We'll give you another crack after some revision! 

In Japan, single-sex communal baths are part of the culture. Bathing facilities in all Resorts are communal. There will be a single room, with a line of showers situated next to each other (where you first wash your body), and a single bath which fits about 4-6 people (which everyone gets into after their body is clean).You will be required to bathe naked with the other staff. Please understand this has been part of the Japanese culture for thousands of years. If this will be a problem, please consider whether Resort work is for you.


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