Working Holiday - Canada

From AU$629
8 - 10 weeks
Paid work

What is a Working Holiday in Canada?

What better way to ignite your inner adventurer and indulge in some summer fun than with one of our extraordinary Working Holidays at a Canadian Summer Camp? Camp Canada is pecifically designed for energetic individuals who love to work hard and play hard, our placements are the perfect way to immerse your self into a truly iconic Canadian experience. 

With placements available at a variety of the very best camps located across Canada, participants can expect to enjoy a summer filled with activities, entertainment and everlasting friendships, all the while gaining invaluable work experience along the way. A job like no other; be prepared to create some fantastic memories during your time at Camp Canada!

Important Stuff


Typically, our Camp Canada commences at the end of June and concludes in mid August each year, however this may vary depending on the location of the placement. 


Camp Canada is offered as an 8 to 10 week placement. For those wanting to extend their time abroad, why not take the opportunity to travel beyond camp life and explore the vast Canadian wilderness?



Remuneration can vary depending on a participants’ age and experience level. In addition to accommodation and food, participants can expect to earn up to a total of CAD$1800 for the duration of their time at camp. 

Is it made for me?

Applicants for the Camp Canada program must:

  • Be over the age 18 at the time of their application
  • Have a valid passport from their home country
  • Have no prior convictions or traffic infringements, with the ability to provide evidence as required
  • Be fluent in conversational and written English
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions

Where can I do it?

Rocky mountains - Canada

What will I actually get?

Our Camp Canada program fees include:

  • Your placement as a staff member at a top Canadian Summer Camp
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of your placement
  • In-country orientation course upon arrival into Canada including complimentary airport transfer
  • A dedicated 'Program Manager' who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement with Letz Live
  • Access to discounted travel insurance rates, a mandatory requirement for all placement
  • Local Canada mobile phone SIM card
  • Canada Lonely Planet Guide
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from our friendly team

So, whats next?

The Camp Canada fee is a total of AU$629.00 for the full placement. All of our working holiday programs are subject to a non-refundable application fee (Stage 1) payable at the time of your online application, which covers all costs associated with the processing of your application and interview. The remaining balance is split into two parts and is processed once the applicant has been accepted into the program.


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