Gone are the days of doing the slog at university to get a degree that only gets you onto the bottom rung of a career. And, gone are the days of thinking all your dreams of getting a degree are dashed if you don’t get a ‘good’ ATAR.

At Year13 we know that your ATAR stresses you out (we’ve got the stats to prove it). Luckily for you, TAFE NSW knows this as well, so they’ve made it possible to get a degree without an ATAR, and without heading to university. Plus, a TAFE NSW Degree includes real-world skills and internships. It’s more than a ‘piece of paper’ – it shows employers that you have the right skills too.

TAFE NSW has degrees like a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care, Bachelor of Design, and Bachelor of Information Technology on offer (and more that you can check out here). Plus, they’ve got a heap of other qualifications in areas from everything like Animal Studies to Nursing, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that you’re keen on.

Deciding what you’re actually interested in is sometimes the hardest bit but TAFE NSW has got you sorted with their Enrolment Week. From the 15-20 January, they’ll be opening their doors to anyone who wants some more course info or needs a helping hand with getting started at TAFE NSW.

You can suss out the campuses, get involved in the demonstrations (neck and shoulder massage anyone? Or you could learn how to make the perfect coffee), and find out everything you need to know about studying at TAFE NSW. And, if you’ve got any questions about getting a degree without an ATAR, you can get them answered at Enrolment Week.

You can head here to find out what’s on during Enrolment Week at a TAFE NSW near you, or chuck in your details here to get the 2018 Course Guide.



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