When you turned 16 there was no better flex than sending a photo to all your mates with your newly obtained L plates. You were one step closer to slapping on your P plates, jumping in the car and having that freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

In my case (and I’m sure for a lot of you out there), the day when you were technically able to sit your Ps test came and went, as did three more years before you finally got a taste of that freedom.

Learning to drive is a nerve-wracking experience and it can become pretty stagnant when your mates get their Ps and act like your personal chauffeur. It’s real easy to lose motivation.

So, if you were like me and don’t realise how much of a highlight it was getting your Ps, here’s some tips that may encourage you to finally muster up your hours.

1. Independence from your parents

Once you secure your Ps you can bid farewell to the days of relying on Mum and Dad. No more ‘quick stops’ at the shops for bread and milk which in reality turn into a painful three hour grocery shop (cheers Mum).

Basically you no longer have to be dragged to everything and anything and you’re not going to need to ask mum and dad for a lift every time you want to go out and hang with your mates.

2. You can go on road trips

Piling up the car, designating a mate to control the tunes and hitting the open road is truly one of the best things about having your Ps.

You get out there, create some memories and explore. Road trips don’t need to constitute any crazy distances either–beach days and random drives where you’re not 100% sure where you’re going count as experiences too.

3. You can say goodbye to public transport

Once you have your Ps you can ditch the packed trains and chock-a-block buses.

After a long, shitty day at work or school, you can hop in your car, roll down the windows and belt out some absolute tunes.

Believe me when I say that it’s cathartic to sing (or, in my case, scream) along to to old school throwbacks and there’s nothing more emotionally soothing than playing some sad songs and crying when it’s dark and you’re driving home alone.

4. You’ll no longer cop slack from your mates

You’ll no longer be the running joke amongst your mates when you finally get your Ps. You know your mates have are just having a laugh when they give you shit about not having your Ps, but there’s some harsh truth behind the jokes.

You’ll love the day when you no longer get tagged in the infamous Facebook post ‘tag a mate that’s still on their Ls’.

5. No more schedule

Have you ever wanted to pop down to Woolies and grab a slab of choccy for your latest Netflix binge? Or perhaps stroll around Kmart endlessly buying stuff you don’t need? Got an intense craving for chicken nuggets that won’t fade at 2am?

Well, with your Ps you can do just that. You don’t have to plan how you’re going to get to places- you’ll make your own schedule as you go and visit places when you want.

Getting your Ps can be a big task but it’s up to you to make sure you get them. If you’re struggling for hours, fork out for lessons, do the Safer Drivers course and force your parents to let you drive them everywhere (even if it’s just a five minute trip down the road).

If you’ve got the hours but are yet to book the test, just think of how bloody satisfying it’ll be to stop bumming lifts off your friends or the dramatic front door exit and fast acceleration up the street when you’re fighting with your mum.