Turning 18 seems like a big deal. You can finally do a whole heap of things legally and without your parents’ permission. But the truth is, you’ve probably been doing most of it anyway.  From tattoos to drinking, all the big rites of passage that are meant to be associated with hitting the big one-eight have long since been crossed off your list and if you boil it down, turning 18 is pretty much marked by cheap alcohol and throwing up in your mate’s backyard. Chances are you’ll still be living at home, a student in high school and when you wake up the morning of your official 18 years on this earth, you’re probably not going to feel all that different. On the other hand, when you pass your driving test and are handed a fresh lil’ provisional licence, you’ll practically be able to taste the freedom. You’ll realise getting your Ps is heaps better than turning 18.

1. Mum won’t be in charge of your schedule

Gone are the days of mum picking you up and dragging you to Woolies for a three hour grocery shop and you won’t have to sit and wait while she chats with someone she hasn’t seen in years in aisle seven.  Yeah, it means you’re going to have to get your shit together to make sure you get anywhere on time and you’ll probably miss a few training sessions because you can’t be fucked driving yourself, but who cares, you do you.

2. Maccas runs

If one of your first trips on your Ps wasn’t with a friend to your closest Maccas, you’re lying. The Maccas run is an ancient Australian tradition. Usually done in pairs, this cultural rite of passage will have you ordering McFlurry’s at 2am and sitting in the car park feeling like you’ve hit the peak of your teenage years.

3. Say goodbye to public transport

Getting your Ps means you can finally ditch the packed train ride home, and you won’t have to beg someone to come pick you up when it’s raining and you’ve missed your bus. If you’re the first one to get your Ps, your ride home will probably be extended by at least half an hour because you’ll need to make a massive round trip to drop all your mates home, but it’s better than walking. On top of this, you’ll be deso more often than not- if you’re the only sober one at the party be prepared to take a hundred orders from your smashed mates who are demanding Big Macs and nuggets.

4. You can go on road trips

Finding someone to donate their run-down car for the cause is the first step but once you get past that stage, pile up the car, designate a mate to control the AUX cord and get going. Road trips don’t need to constitute any crazy distances; camping, beach days and random drives where you’re not 100% sure where you’re going count and are on the cards when you finally get your Ps. This is the epitome of growing up in Australia; getting your mates, some drinks and a solid playlist together while driving around is only possible once you get your Ps.

5. Parked car therapy sessions

There’s not a lot to be said about this one. The topics spoken about in these therapy sessions will probably never see the light of day/outside of your car. I wouldn’t go as far as saying these sessions are better than seeing a legitimate mental health professional but conversations in parked cars will have you examining your life choices in insane depth, and maybe you will become a better person because of it.