You’ve heard it a million times. Finishing school is about new beginnings, finding yourself, being the truest version of you, etc. etc.

While so many of these mantras can seem sappy and fly over your head, they’re usually pretty true and you should implement them in your post-school life.

But, in order to take them seriously, you need to stop surrounding yourself with people who are completely toxic and friends who are just a bit shit.

While cutting toxic friends out of your life will be ultimately cathartic, you’ve got to be prepared for what could happen in the process.

1. You’re going to miss them

If you’ve made the decision to cut certain people out of your life, you’ve done it for a reason.

However, that decision won’t immediately remove all the good memories you had with them. There was a reason they were your friend in the first place and there was probably a time where you two had a lot of fun times together. At some point, you’re going to miss them.

It’s tough, because sometimes the most toxic people will be people you can’t imagine your life without. People that have seen the highs and lows of your life and have been there since the beginning.

People who you met on your first day of kindy and have been by your side ever since. People who stuck it out through all the break ups, pimples, exams and tears of high school. And it hurts to realise that they’re not going to be in your life anymore.

You have to remember that if you got to the point of breaking off a friendship, the bad times ultimately outweighed the good and you’re only going to become a better person because of the distance. 

2. You may end up friends again

People change; just like you will become a different version of yourself after you ditch your toxic friend, they might change as well and one day, you could find your way back to a healthy, happy friendship.

Just don’t hold your breath on this one; a symptom of a toxic friendship is usually an inability to change and the person might stay stuck in the same mindset for the rest of their life. They may never become a person that you should welcome back into your life.

But, the possibility is there and you should be mindful of it.

3. You’re going to become a better version of yourself

These probably aren’t the first people you’ve had to cut out of your life and they definitely won’t be the last.

Each time you make a decision like ditching a friendship, you learn more about the world and who you are. It’s cheesy and sounds like a total cliché but hear me out.

Chances are the toxic friend made life hard. You were always stepping on eggshells around them, scared to say or do the wrong thing. Life became focused on catering to what they wanted to do and all your energy was spent making them happy or, at the very least, keeping their negativity from bringing you down to their level.

Without this, you have a chance to be a better you and new opportunities will come your way.

Trust me on this one. You’ll surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person, who push you to be the best version of yourself and make you feel good about your life.

These people will respect your decisions and celebrate your achievements and it’s only going to make you have a happier and healthier life.

Acknowledge that you’ll miss them; recognise that cutting out a toxic person can hurt and it will be hard. But know that this is for the best and that you will be better for it.