Gaming probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think about a potential career path. Doctor, lawyer, teacher and engineer seem like a lot more obvious choices, even if you’re not keen on any of those professions. But they seem legit, the kind of career that your parents would approve of and you would be able to land a job in.

While gaming might seem like one of those things you say you want to do when you’re ten years old, before you settle on a ‘real’ career, it turns out there’s some pretty cool jobs in the gaming industry and a solid pathway to get them. Plus, the gaming industry itself is booming.

With 93% of Aussies households having gaming devices, someone’s gotta be meeting the demand and that’s where the gaming industry really hits its stride. The gaming industry makes more money than the movie and music industries combined and gaming generated 91 billion dollars worldwide in 2016.

Think of all your favourites- from Candy Crush to Call of Duty- someone had to design, create, develop, market and promote them. Someone had to put together all the animations, someone had to make sure we could play them on different devices and someone had to test it all before it hit the shelves (dream job right there).

The industry isn’t restricted just to actual coding and animation design. You’ve got jobs like narrative copywriter if you’re into writing, product manager if you want to be the one to be in charge of advertising the games or QA tester if you just want to play them and check for flaws before the general public gets to take them home. Yep, you can literally just play games all day as a job.

Plus, the skills that gaming gives you can be transferred into a lot of other professions. Before you start thinking that game design is a niche talent, remember that an eye for design or skills in the digital space are only going to become more and more relevant as technology advances.

Okay, so yeah, there are jobs in the gaming industry. But how the heck to you get into them?

Well, why not go and study gaming? It might sound niche, but what you probably don’t realise is that there is a bunch of courses out there that are highly advanced and can give you some amazing experience and accreditations.

Our mates at Torrens University’s Media Design School have two gaming degrees; a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) and a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art), so you can focus on whatever aspect of gaming you want to get in to. They’re also the only gaming course in Australia that’s partnered with Unity (the worlds biggest gaming platform, if ya didn’t already know), and will ensure that you graduate as a Unity Certified Developer.

At the end of your studies, you’ll graduate with a legit degree that your parents will love and a solid pathway into a career, having already made a bunch of industry contacts. If you want some more info, you can head over here to sus out the Media Design School.

photo cred: millimm

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