Some kids get to spend afternoons with their best friend; come home from school and spend hours slumped on the bed tagging each other in memes and re-watching favourite movies.

They get to have late night Maccas trips and Kmart runs- windows down and screaming the lyrics to whatever song came on the radio.

But some of us never get to do this. Never get to spend sleepovers staying up late and telling secrets. Never get to spend 18ths getting drunk and throwing up while bent over the edge of the bath only to see it all on Snapchat the next morning.

Never get to have a person who got them.

Here’s to those kids, the one’s who never had a best friend.

Here’s to the kids who floated between groups throughout high school, never quite settling. To the kids who walked home from school on their own; hot days with sweat trickling down the back of their neck and cold days where your thin school jumper did nothing to keep out the cold. Head down, trudging along, headphones in and music on without a best mate by your side.

Here’s to the kids who would get home chuck their bag on the floor, and flop on the bed to watch Netflix without a best friend beside you.

To the kids who got picked up at the end of parties and were never invited to sleep over. To the kids who waited for the other left over person when your PE teacher told everyone to get in pairs.

To the kids who got forgotten about when the group organised something, or was an after-thought after all the details were already settled.

To the kids who spent hours procrastinating writing their essay on a Saturday night even though they don’t have plans anyway.

To the kids who bawled their eyes out before their exams, who spent late nights typing and long days studying in the library without someone to do it with.


Here’s to the kids that haven’t found the person they can tell everything to- the good and the bad. To the kids who don’t have someone to cry with when they fuck up or someone to share when they get an ace mark. To the kids who don’t have anyone post on their Facebook wall at 12:01 on the day of their birthday with a status full of inside jokes and memories.

Here’s to those kids, who are looking at the pairs of best friends and wondering what it would be like to have someone to do everything with.

One day, you’ll graduate and start something new- work, uni or travel.

One day, you’re going to find someone and you will just click.

But right now, you focus on you. Focus on finishing school and starting the next step. On getting into uni or landing your dream job. Focus on the all the experiences that are ahead of you, instead of the ones you left behind.