Hey, you, Sir/Madam etc etc,

You’ve probably been wondering where I got to, haven’t you? Your ol’ acceptance letter?

Yeah, sorry about that – there were postal issues and the owl was asleep and, yeah, you know. It happens. I thought the internet would be more accessible for you.

Anyway, just wanted to write in to let you know that yes, you DID get into Uni.


I don’t know where you got the idea that your ATAR had to be a certain number in order to get into your dream degree. That rumour’s been going ‘round for SO LONG now and you have no idea how difficult it has been to change that.

Well stop believing it now, there is a way you can get to uni. And yeah, it’s a pathway. I’m sure you’ve heard of it – a bridging courses that help prep you for university? A pathway program.

Now, now. Don’t raise your eyebrows at me. I know you’ve probably heard the phrase thrown around a lot atm but let’s get one thing straight: you won’t lose any time doing a pathway. You do your first year in a pathway and then you’re straight into second year university. So no, it’s not “the long way ‘round”, it’s the same as if you started first year.

Okay. Moving right along.

Our initial review of your application was inspiring, because you told us you had decided you weren’t defined by your ATAR, and that your ATAR was absolutely no indication of your intelligence or your motivation to succeed. We liked it. We decided that you were the kind of person that was right for us.

You also spoke about University, and about how structured learning in a field you’re passionate about could give you more than just a piece of paper at the end of it. Uni equips you with life skills. You learn how to talk to your peers and learn from them more confidently. You learn time management and you enhance your love for learning.

We know you’re going to love uni life because it’s nothing like high school. You have more freedom. No more uniforms. No teachers hustlin’ you. No more drama and all that.

We’re stoked to see you there this year! Reach out here to accept your offer and sus the sitch.

Kind regards,

A reputable pathway provider.


P.S. If you’re looking for a pathway, UTS: INSEARCH is the place to go. Your entry is based on your top 4 non-VET subjects, not on your ATAR. They have an 8-month, 12-month and 16-month diploma on offer depending on where you’re at, and successful completion of their courses will put you straight into the second year of university.

Check out what UTS:INSEARCH has on offer here.

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