Universities are going through a rough time at the moment. Degrees are only getting more expensive and graduates are struggling harder than ever to find jobs.

In fact, only 69% of graduates found full-time employment within four months of graduating in 2015 and the average starting salary for a graduate job was $54,000 a year. This makes it difficult to pay back a HECS loan. And if you’re in the 31% who are working part-time, casually or unemployed, there’s no way you can afford to pay back dat HECS loan.

Now, if gangsta rap has taught us anything, it’s that makin’ money is more important than everything else in life and we should strive to get rich at all costs. Okay, maybe this is a bit of an overstatement, but money is important and these days you can obvs make money without going to uni. So, without further ado, here are the 10 highest paying jobs you can get without a degree in 2k17.

1. Construction Manager

Average Salary: $153,213

Qualifications: You’ll need a construction trade, several years of experience within that trade and then a Diploma in Construction from TAFE or another RTO. To be fair though, this is a role that you can also reach with a bachelor’s degree in building science or civil engineering.

Description: This role involves planning and directing large-scale building projects.

2. Maintenance Manager

Average Salary: $110,030

Qualifications: It varies, depending on your employer, but in many cases maintenance managers have a trade or just the training they received over the course of years on the job.

Description: Maintenance managing is about the upkeep and repair of facilities, buildings, machines or mechanical systems.

3. Farm Manager

Average Salary: $92,588

Qualifications: This is another one that’s commonly reached via years of on-the-job training. And to be fair, some farm managers have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture but it’s not a necessity.

Description: Basically, farm mangers oversee all the operational stuff that happens on farms, including tending crops, operating and repairing machinery, managing staff and undertaking administrative duties.

4. Electrician

Average Salary: $84,311

Qualifications: An apprenticeship – four years.

Description: Electricians inspect, install and maintain electrical components and systems.

5. Senior Care Worker

Average Salary: $82,976

Qualifications: Senior care workers typically have a qualification from a TAFE or another registered training organisation, plus a good level of experience within the field.

Description: Care workers assist disabled people, elderly people and those who are mentally and physically ill. Senior care workers do a lot of the same duties, as well as supervising and managing staff.

6. Pilot

Average Salary: $78,473

Qualifications: While it’s true that most pilots have a degree in aircraft operations, you can also join the air force and train to become a pilot that way. The Australian Air Force insists that they’re not necessarily looking for those at the top of their class, but the ones who are good at adapting to new things.

Description: Flying a plane!

7. Executive Assistant

Average Salary: $74,838

Qualifications: While formal qualifications aren’t necessarily required for the job, it’s really important that executive assistants are highly organised, personable and great at communication.

Description: An executive assistant helps a company executive (the boss) get organised in the most efficient way. They schedule meetings, provide them with information and speak to others on the executive’s behalf.

8. Sales Executive

Average Salary: $72,933

Qualifications: As with most of these roles, you can start by getting yourself a degree in marketing, business or sales. However, you can also work your way up through the ranks via on-the-job training and many of the best sales execs don’t have any formal training.

Description: The sales executive is responsible for representing a business to its customers and clients as well as bringing money in through sales.

9. Roofer

Average Salary: $73,394

Qualifications: Straight up, you need to get a trade to become a roofer.

Description: Roofers are responsible for designing, building and maintaining roofs of all kinds. It’s not hard to see why this job is important and highly valued – everyone needs a roof over their head.

10. Car Sales Executive

Average Salary: $72,612


 You just need to learn how to sell stuff, which can be done on the job.

Description: Car sales executives are, quite simply, responsible for selling cars. In sales, you can work your way up through the ranks via on-the-job training and there are plenty of successful salespeople without any formal training.

salary source: news.com.au