AdvertisementAlthough 80% of Year 12 students get an ATAR, far less go to university straight after school. Some students don’t quite get the marks they need, others choose to work or travel for a bit and others get accepted, only to drop out within the first semester. But just because you didn’t go to uni first year out, it doesn’t mean you won’t want to head in after a couple of years off.

The whole ‘applying for uni’ thing can be hard to get your head around sometimes. This is why RMIT in Melbourne, for example, provide an easy option to apply directly. And if you’ve managed to get a few life experiences under your belt, you can use them to your advantage, meaning your chances of getting in are even better.

As long as you didn’t apply with VTAC and were not enrolled in year 12 during 2017, you’re eligible to apply directly to RMIT in a whole range of courses. But unlike ATAR entry, which only looks at your exam rank, you can use supporting documentation to strengthen your application.

This can include all sorts of stuff, including:

  • Proof of relevant work experience.
  • Letters of support from your current or previous employer.
  • Assessment of an overseas qualification.
  • Your academic transcript – for programs or courses that you’ve attempted or completed.
  • Proof of completion for any programs or courses you’ve completed.
  • A statement written by you that demonstrates your motivation and commitment to study, your knowledge of the program, and any relevant work experience.

The final option, to write a statement about your motivations to study, is a really good one. A recount of a profound travel experience, a time you volunteered, an experience looking after a family member or an essay about why you didn’t do well at school could definitely help your case.  This shows your commitment and desire to expand your learning.

To browse over 350 courses and to see which courses you can apply to RMIT directly, check this link.



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