Teenage Years

How To Look After Your Drunk Mates

words by Year13

While it’s tempting to just Snapchat your drunk mates throwing their guts up in the backyard, you also need to be there to look out for them. If its gotten to the point where your friend is stumbling and slurring or vomiting on themselves while insisting they’re fine, here’s what you can do.

1. Don’t ditch them

If they’ve gotten to this point it’s too late to ditch your mate and enjoy the rest of your night. Leaving your friend on their own when they clearly need some help looking after themselves is a dick thing to do.

I get it, becoming the babysitter can seem like punishment when all you’re trying to do is have a good night, but right now being a solid friend is more important than getting off your face.

2. Cut them off

Despite their inability to walk in a straight line, your mate will probably insist on having one more drink. Don’t let them. If you’re at a venue, chances are they won’t get served anyway but if you’re at a house party don’t let near the fridge/esky. Keep them away from any alcoholic beverages.

3. Get them food and water

More a preventative measure; if you can see your friend is having way more than you know they can handle, intercept with food and water.

Getting in early and making sure your mate has eaten and is properly hydrated can save you a lot of hassle later in the night.

If they’re already too far gone, eating is off the cards (they’ll probably throw it up). Instead, get them to drink little sips of water slowly.

4. Get them home

Call a taxi, their mum or find a deso to get them home. If your friend is smashed the ideal situation is for them to be at home, not hunched over the toilet in a stranger’s bathroom. Try and find a bag/bucket/container to take with them, so they’re not throwing up in someone’s car.

5. Put them to bed

Most of the time, your friend will just need to sleep it off. If they’ve thrown up on themselves, clean them up first and don’t let them sleep in vom stained clothes. Make sure if they do lay down that they’re on their side, with a pillow behind them to stop them rolling on their back. If you’re staying at the same place, make sure you check on them every so often to make sure they’re okay.

6. Call for help

Chances are, you’ve seen your friend drunk before and you’re going to know if what you’re dealing with is something more serious. If you’re worried, call for help straight away. It could be a parent or 000 if it’s necessary. If you feel in your gut that something is seriously wrong get professional help and get it fast.