If you’re avoiding applying to the local Maccas but still want to earn some money, or you already have a job and want to earn a bit more cash on the side, here are some ways to hustle that are super flexible, easy to get in to and won’t interrupt your school schedule.

1. Markets

If you want to make some cash with minimal effort, try selling some of your old and unwanted stuff. Offloading a heap of stuff at a local market is a cheap and easy way to make a bit of money on the weekend. Set your prices low and you’ll probably be able to get rid of most of your stuff in one go. Ebay and Gumtree are also options if you feel like selling things from the comfort of your own home.

2. Referee

If you’re not into slogging the weekend away inside a store or restaurant, refereeing/officiating/umpiring could be for you.

The perks: you get to run around in the sun instead of being trapped inside, it’ll keep you fit and you’ll probably be paid in cash. If you can put up with a bit of shit from coaches and players, this is a pretty good way to earn some money on the weekend.

3. Coaching/instructing

If running the game isn’t for you, but you still want to earn some money outside the usual hospo and retail jobs, consider coaching or instructing. Jobs like swimming instructing are perfect because they’re flexible and getting accreditation is pretty quick so can start earning some cash asap.

4. Tutor

An oldie but a goodie. Tutoring is a regular route for students looking to earn a bit of money on the side. Don’t limit yourself to just tutoring for school subjects either. While acing a class means you’ll have a solid knowledge to pass on to other students, if you have other abilities, like playing an instrument or coding, you can charge to teach people these skills as well. Plus, you get to pick your own hours and rate which means it’s super flexible and you’ll be able to fit it around your own study and assessments.

5. Pet-sit

If your friends/family/neighbours are going away, pet-sitting is a good way to bring in some money, with minimal effort required. If you’re a fan of animals, this is pretty much the dream because you’ll be paid to play with someone’s pet. This is especially good for school holidays which is prime time for families to book time away. If you’re not planning on doing anything over summer this is an easy way to get some cash.