When all you want is to get out and see the world, it’s frustrating that the only thing holding you back is having enough cash. That’s why working overseas is a great option – you can literally build a career from any corner of the globe. If you’re keen on getting qualified in areas that’ll let you travel and land a job anywhere, these could be for you.

1. Waiter / Restaurant Manager

It doesn’t matter where you go, people will be eating and skills in this area are always in demand. If you can carry a couple of plates of food, nod and smile at customers and not lose your head in the middle of a rush- you’re pretty much set to work anywhere in the world. Restaurants, fast food places and cafes are all based around the same set of skills so once you have ‘em, you’re good to go. Plus, you can always work your way up the ranks to front-of-house management, and hey, maybe even owner one day.

2. Bartender

Everyone eats, but on top of that wherever you go someone will be drinking. Your duties working behind a bar are pretty universal so if you can pull a beer, get along with customers and have the right working visa, you’re pretty much set to find a job wherever you head.

3. Barista

With Aussie baristas now in some of the top speciality coffee shops in places like New York, London and Paris, it’s definitely an option if you want to be able to travel and work. Barista skills will get you into cafes and brew houses around the globe as the demand for Australian-quality coffee goes up and up (cos everyone is starting to realise that our coffees are pretty bloody good).

4. Cook

Again, where there’s food, there’s someone cooking it and having some skills in this department can make you employable all around the world. If you’ve got dreams of being a culinary master, then training yourself up in kitchens across the world could be the key to your success. But you don’t have to be a top chef to cook overseas, as long as you’ve got the basic skills you can adapt and learn at whatever restaurant you head to. Basic skills as a dishie or kitchen hand are also super useful.

5. Hotel Management

If you want to step up into a more managerial position but still want to be able to get hired anywhere, hotel management is the way to go. With the hospo industry continuing to grow, and more and more jobs being created, it’s a safe bet that if you’re qualified as a hotel manager, you’re going to be able to do it outside Australia. And if you haven’t got the experience under your belt just yet, you can always sus out a degree in hospitality.

6. Cruise Ship Staff

If you’re keen to see the world while working, then getting a job as a cruise ship staff member could be the way to go. There are countless jobs within this sector including wait and bar staff, cleaning and maintenance, and those fun-loving crew members who’re up there running the trivia and karaoke shows. As long as you don’t get sea sick, you’ll be able to find a job to suit your skills.

7. Tour guides

You’ll probably start off somewhere in Aus until you get all the skills down pat, but once you’ve got that experience under your belt you’ll be able to sus out tour guide jobs all over the world. If you know a second language you’re cruising, but even if you don’t, there’s plenty of companies that will be on the look-out for strong English speakers. If you’re happy to learn and good with people, this can be a solid option for you.


Most of the careers that’ll take you overseas fall squarely into the hospitality industry – which is great. Most of us have at least a little hospo work under our belt, and if you don’t it’s not too hard to get some. But if you want to take your hospo skills to the next level to ensure you’re employable across the globe, then you might wanna consider getting yourself qualified.

Best to sus out William Blue College of Hospitality and Management at Torrens University, as they’ve got the most flexible course options out. Their hospitality and tourism courses can be completed on-campus in Sydney or online from anywhere, so you can get your travels started early and study while you’re overseas. They’ve also got culinary management courses, but these ones you’ll have to complete in person before you jet set halfway across the world.

If you’re keen on one of William Blue’s diploma, bachelor or associate degrees, you can sus out all the info right here.

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