Recently we sat down with Danny Harley, the charismatic, humble and chart-topping musician known commonly as ‘The Kite String Tangle’ to talk about his road to success. Boasting an incredible story of dedication, Danny is one of those people who can testify to hard work paying dividends.
Originating from Wollongong and living most of his younger life travelling back and forth from the UK, Danny started his music discovery in a not-so typical fashion attending over 10 schools, all of which offered unique and challenging experiences. This constant moving around has shaped Danny into a charismatic, humble and easy-going guy who reflects a positive vibe.

Danny is one of those people who plunged head first into life and put in the time and effort to realise a dream. While studying, writing music and juggling a job, Danny focused his spare time into establishing himself as a reputable and talented musician. Not only did Danny give up his free time in order to get ahead of the pack but he and his friend decided to go the extra mile and buy, yes buy – not rent, a recording studio, which he says was “the catalyst in providing a career in the music industry”. This seemingly questionable purchase would become a major influence in his music writing and ethic as well as a driving force of his will to succeed.

Danny is one of those examples of someone taking a chance in order to get where they need to be; he was brave enough to take the first step into the unknown and has since never looked back. So what’s stopping you? I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a music studio without considering the repercussions, nor am I saying don’t, but following your dreams is nine times out of ten going to place you in a position to succeed and take you down the road less travelled. This road isn’t something to be taken lightly, it’s an extremely challenging and often tedious experience; you’re going to run into countless obstacles on the way both stressful and seemingly impossible to overcome and just when you think you’re in the clear you’re going to be back at square 1 scratching your head wondering what just happened. I can guarantee you will be questioning how on earth you ended up down this path.

But that’s the point.

The road less travelled is full of hurdles to jump over because very few have walked down the path to knock them over. The road less travelled isn’t paved or cared for as few have dared explore its seemingly tiresome direction. The road less travelled is exactly that, a direction few dare to consider.

And that’s the shame.

The road less travelled leads to exotic fruits very few have tasted. Take it from me; they’re sweeter and juicier than the ripest mango in summer. You know that feeling of a big glass of water after a really hard days work? It’s like that, but better. The road less travelled is the path that will lead you to experiences others only dream about and allow you to come out the other end stronger, wiser and ready to take on the world.

It’s been a case of the hard road for Danny too. Aside from the constant battle between study, music, a job and his bank loan, Danny has had similar aspirations within other bands he’s been attributed to which haven’t seen the success ‘The Kite String Tangle’ has. Rather than giving up when he didn’t notice success with a particular project he learned from the experience, gathered his thoughts and tried a new direction. Although Danny mentions luck and being in the right place at the right time has played a part in his success under the moniker ‘The Kite String Tangle’ he goes on to admit it’s not that he’s different or superiorly talented than anyone else but rather he simply has a strong desire to succeed which in turn has placed him where he is today.

It’s a true example of how getting back up when you’re down is not only something you will never live to regret but is a rewarding and fulfilling exercise in self worth. Not all of us are going to have our names in tabloids or sell a best selling record. Nor are many of us going to be household names. But those who have become regular mentions at the dinner table haven’t had a dream of being the most talked about celebrity, they have simply been doing what they love and the rewards have come with it. For these people it’s neither the money nor the fame, it’s the ability to go to the office and not work a single day of your life.

Danny’s commitment to wanting to make music that is his own signature and not that of another is perhaps a direct alignment of that of Brian Eno–the one artist he mentioned he’d love to collaborate with. His music has a certain life to it that other electronic music artists seem to struggle with. Subtle harmonies melt into saddening bass lines. Nostalgic melodies frolic along densely layered percussion lines. Danny’s voice echoes through sample stabs and in the end it hits you in a way that forces you to sit up and take note: this guy is telling my story.

Danny’s success has been directly attributed to his drive to not settle for second best. Hard work and perseverance are at the core of Danny’s ethics and a true representation of a desire to become the best he can be. There’s no “I’ll do it this afternoon” attitude but rather a “where do I start” mentality which is allowing him to create music on his terms, and the results speak for themselves.

Danny’s number one piece of advice for those aspiring to achieve their goals is to simply stay dedicated to the cause and focus your time and energy into making it happen. More often than not people talk about great ideas rather than putting the process into place and essentially this is where they trip up.

Seems simple doesn’t it? If you want to achieve something, put an action plan in place and make it yours.

The world is your oyster.