The final round of uni offers are out today! (Feb 17). If you’ve got your fingers crossed for a last chance spot in that course, or you’re weighing up your options for mid semester intake, you’ll probably be happy to hear that there are plenty of other ways to get into uni.

If your ATAR was a little below the average or you didn’t get one at all, don’t fret. We would like to take this opportunity to humbly remind you that your ATAR doesn’t define you. You have epic potential and there are plenty of alternative entry options for getting in to university, if that’s what you want to do. In fact, about a third of university students got there through alternative pathways.

So if you think you might want to start a degree but you didn’t score the ATAR you needed to get your foot in the door, check out some of these options.

1. Special Entry Access Schemes

There are so many other factors that can contribute to your academic results, and for that matter, your potential career options. Special Entry Access Schemes are designed to consider the personal, cultural or financial matters that could prevent a student from doing their best at school. Essentially, if you faced a bit of hardship while completing your ATAR, you might be eligible for some bonus points. These bonus points might be enough to get you into your preferred course at your preferred uni. Special Entry Access Schemes differ at each university, so it’s best to contact the university directly and talk to someone about your options.

2. The STAT

STAT stands for Special Tertiary Admissions Test and it’s generally for those who, for whatever reason, didn’t get an ATAR. There are many institutions that will accept STAT results in lieu of an ATAR. You can see a list of universities who accept STAT results here and organise to sit the STAT over here. (For what it’s worth, I didn’t do so well in high school but I aced the STAT and ended up acing university.)


3. TAFE Courses

Some institutions will accept students based on a TAFE qualification, though it really depends on which course you completed at TAFE and which university you want to go to. Generally, unis are looking for a certificate IV or above but it depends on said uni. Best bet is to check with the uni you want to go to.

So there it is folks, 3 different ways to get into uni that are a hunned percent legit. If you’re not going to university in first semester of 2k17, there’s no reason for you to give up on uni all together. There’s plenty of time and plenty of options. ATAR shmay-tar.

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