I feel like the anticipation that arises before the clock strikes midnight on December 31 is the most liberating time of the entire year. You’re surrounded by your friends and family, you’ve got your favourite drink in your hand, and you’re ready for the excitement the next 365 days will bring. Maybe you have uni on the cards, or work or travel. Maybe you have no freaking clue. The exciting thing is that maybe this year, you’ll find out.

As soon as the clock ticks over, the party begins. Everyone is dancing and hugging and kissing (or trying to). The music gets louder, the ringing in your ears more constant. ‘THIS IS LIVING!’ you yell, holding your best friend’s hand, a smile smeared across your face, ear-to-ear.

When you wake in the morning, the euphoric change and excitement is gone. Maybe it’s shrouded by a hangover, maybe you haven’t got any plans for the first day of the year, maybe you do and you head out to that insta-famous waterfall only to find it jam packed with other Instagrammers.

And just like that, the first week of January comes and goes and suddenly it feels like it’s the middle of the year again. The New Year’s Resolutions you made to yourself (whether externally on a lengthy social media post or internally, because you know your mates will slam you for having them) have been forgotten.

But let’s be honest here: were they even attempted?

At the end of every year, without fail, most of us announce that the last 365 were the ~werst 365 days evaaaaa xoxo~, and that we’re ready for a fresh start. (Unless of course you did something awesome that the public knows about, like travel for the year or something, which doesn’t warrant your proclamations of ‘sh*t year’ status.) But fam, just ’cause the New Year has come and gone, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn your life around in April or September or right now for that matter. You can make tomorrow New Years if you want. You can get off yo’ ass and kickstart those New Years Resolutions you tell yourself you didn’t have but kinda-sorta-do.

So what? So what that it feels like it’s the middle of year and the slump has sunk in? Who cares?!

Want to make changes or go on an adventure or jump out of a plane or get your license? GO DO IT. Your list of goals for this year will only ever be achieved if you decide to actually achieve them. Don’t lose the magic of New Years Eve. Let the anticipation juju traverse the weeks and into your mornings. Wake up with a smile, wake up ready to face this crazy world. You can do it.