Since you’re reading this, you’re probably broke. And if you’re not, you’ve probably got at least one friend who can barely afford to leave the house. Learning how to money is bloody difficult, especially when you haven’t even learned how to adult yet.

With this in mind, we’ve got you covered with a couple of life hacks for maintaining a social life when you’re strapped for cash. Instead of sending that text – “Sorry fam, I’m broke af so I can’t afford to come out this weekend” – here are some suggestions for cheap ways to have fun.

1. Coffee dates

Everyone seems drink coffee these days. And unlike going to the pub, where it’s easy to get carried away with beer after beer after beer, you generally just have one cup of coffee. That’s a solid catch up for about $3.50.

2. Go to the park.

Whether you’re eating, drinking, doing exercise or just sitting around and chatting, you need to be doing it in the park. Bring food and it’s a picnic (sounds pretty chic). Bring drinks and a speaker and you’ve got yourself a party. Bring a Frisbee or a footy and you’re soaking up the great outdoors. And if you’re alone, just bring a book and enjoy your own company.

3. BYO Restaurants are awesome.

If your friends are the type to suggest heading to some pricey restaurant and then going out in the city to a bunch of pubs and clubs that are even more expensive, don’t feel that you have to say “no” because you can’t afford it. Suggest a cheap eatery where you can BYO alcohol. You can get three bottles of ALDI wine for the same price as a pint at a bar. Then you can get a cheap feed and get lit before you go out anywhere.

4. Drink goon.

If you’re gonna spend money on booze, you might as well drink the cheap stuff. And the 4L bag of goon is an excellent option. Fruity Lexia is a classic but the real connoisseurs can appreciate a crisp dry white or a Dolce Rosso. Cleanskin wine and ALDI beer are also pretty good options.

5. Meal planning

Eating out has become a staple part of our culture (we are the smashed avocado generation after all). But you’ve got to pick your battles. Bring your lunch to work and save your money for a good weekend with your mates.

6. Free gigs.

Free gigs are happening all the time, you just need to know where to look.

7. Get your mates to shout you.

We all know that the pressure to come out and spend money comes from our closest friends. Rather than being vague about why you can’t come out, or making up some lame excuse, or pretending that you’ve got cash, put it back on them. Suggest a cheaper option. And if that doesn’t work, tell them you’ll come out if they shout you.


photo cred: disposablecameraparty

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