Making decisions is not my strong point.

It’s not that I make particularly bad decisions, I just can’t make them at all.

Ask me where I want to eat, what movie I want to watch or what I want to do, and I’ll always answer ‘up to you’. If we finally do settle on a place to eat (probably after over an hour of saying ‘I don’t know, wherever you want to go), I’ll be the last to order, even if I order the same thing every time, just because I’m still tossing up between my options.

If I’m faced with any sort of big decision, I’ll usually give my mum a call and get her opinion before actually choosing something. Give me an ultimatum and I’d probably have a heart attack. I have notebooks full of pros and cons lists floating around and a lot of the time, I just keep doing things the same way to avoid having to make the decision to change it.

So, when I neared the end of high school, and suddenly had to start making a lot of big, massive, life-changing decisions, I freaked out.

Did I want to go to uni? If I did, where did I want to go? What did I want to study? Did I want to travel? Work for a bit? Could I just sleep forever and avoid making any decisions ever again?

Eventually, I did make a decision and things fell into place. But I know I’m not the only one who struggles with their options so here’s some tips to help ya out.

1. Know your shit

It seems so obvious, but actually knowing all your options makes the decision-making process so much easier. This isn’t about overwhelming yourself with the number of choices but you have to know what’s out there. One of the reasons I struggled so much when I had to decide what to do after high school is I didn’t know what all my options were. I knew there was uni, I knew I could go travelling if I wanted…and that was about it.

2. The classic pros and cons list

This is a piece of advice you’ve probably heard before but that’s because it’s genuinely so damn good. Even if your list ends up being completely balanced, with every con evened up with a pro, writing down everything and having it in front of you will help clear up the process in your head. It’s basically like a massive brain dump.

3. Ask yourself–does it actually matter?

One of the reasons I struggle with decisions so much is because I’m terrified of making the wrong one and regretting it for the rest of my life. Turns out, literally no single decision will ruin your entire life. I decided to go to uni. A year later I dropped out. Neither were bad decisions (and I don’t regret either of them) but they go to show that things change, and regardless of what you do you’ll be able to make another decision in the future and switch things up. Everything is temporary and at the end of the day you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be, trust me.