Moving for university can be an absolute blast. It’s basically like moving out of home, but with hundreds of other people your age who are all ready to meet some fresh faces and experiment with their newfound independence. It’s a chance to escape the horrors of high school and start again from scratch – you can be whoever you wanna be, hang out with anyone you like and explore your new hometown without the stress of running into your high school ex or that kid who you’ve been feuding with for the past three years.

If you’re already thinking about picking up and moving out for uni, then this might just sweeten the deal for you. There’re these fandangle things called relocation scholarships that will give you a nice cash injection to support you in your move away from home and help you out when it comes to paying for university.

In particular, the University of Tasmania (UTAS) has a bunch of these relocation scholarships on offer. They know that moving to Tassie can be a bit scary for most of us mainlanders, but they want to get new students down to their island state to see what a bloody beaut it is—they’re even giving away a few travel packs for anyone who wants to spend a nice weekend checking out Tasmania (you don’t have to be a uni student or going to UTAS to enter).

There are some pretty nice perks to life in Tassie. Think easy access to some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes for your weekend getaways, delicious seafood, cheese and wines, and lockout law-free nightlife to enjoy with your new uni mates. And the relocation scholarships are generous; some of ‘em will even cover your entire first year of studying.

Eligibility for the scholarships depends on which one you want to go for, as there are different scholarships for different areas of study. Some are open to both Tasmanian and interstate students, while others are only open to students moving to Tas from another state. Here are the courses that the scholarships are available for:

  • Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments – Creative Innovators Program
  • Bachelor of Science – Catalyst Program
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science or Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Specialisation) (Co-operative Education) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management
  • Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science
  • Any course in the Tasmanian School of Business & Economics
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy with Applied Honours or Master of Pharmaceutical Science

If you’re keen on any of those degrees, it’s well worth a look into the relocation scholarships UTAS has on offer. They’re easy to apply for too—in fact, you don’t have to apply at all, you’ll be automatically considered when you apply to the University of Tasmania (which is free by the way, unlike going through the UAC system). There’s a heap of other scholarships available too, jump over here to have a look.

If you’re keen to know more about UTAS, you can sus some more info here or apply to one of their courses right over here. Applications to some of UTAS’s scholarships close on the 31st October, so it’s worth applying asap to be eligible.