The thought of studying is always a dreadful and awful thought for me. Just the idea of going home to study for an exam makes me internally cringe. However, during my first ever exam in my Year 9 days, I discovered something that made it somewhat bearable- listening to music.

Okay, so I know this isn’t a ground breaking discovery or anything at all original. But music has helped me a lot.

I’m the type of person who studies by writing notes then later on writing those exact same notes to get it into my head. This involves a lot of sitting down writing, writing and writing. I found this painfully boring, yet effective. One day I put my earphones in and listened to music. Teachers have forever been telling me that it’s bad to listen to music when studying, that it distracts the mind and makes studying take twice as long. Being my young rebel self, I ignored them and listened to my favourite playlist- and it helped.

Knowing that when I had to study I would be able to tune into my favourite songs made the thought of it more interesting; less painful and draining.

For some reason, against all my teacher’s lectures, it helped me focus. The music blocked out any distractions outside my studying bubble and therefore allowed me to study effectively. When I’m studying with music, my mind isn’t actually listening to it. I can pause the song to listen to someone talk to me, then press play again and not even remember what song I was listening to. I’m not actually listening to it, but I’m not blocking it out either. It’s confusing, but it works.

The main thing you need to figure out is what music works for you. I’m particular which music I listen to for each subject. I can’t have anything loud when I’m struggling through algebra so quiet music works best. However, for business management I love listening to that basic pop music in the top charts (Tay Swift I’m lookin’ at you). It’s about finding what works best for you and what is more effective with your studies.

While you’re probably not ever going to be able to listen to music during your exams or have your headphones in during every class, try it out when you’re memorising English quotes or going over Bio facts- it makes the whole thing a little bit better.


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