High school can be a pretty stressful time, especially once you hit your final years. You’re worrying about things like piles of homework, English essays, Maths formulas, pimples, how to cover the hickey on your neck, why your friends didn’t invite you, what uni you want to go to, what your latest mark on the class test was, how many shifts at work you’re doing and whether your crush has fallen in love with you yet- just to name a few.

Amongst that all there’s also the pressure to figure out what you want to do next year. Are you going to go to uni? Take a gap year? Work for a while? Find somewhere to volunteer?

While a lot of us just want to crawl into bed and forget the world exists for a while, we have to figure out other ways to deal with the stress.

Most of us put in our headphones and listen to our favourite songs. On the bus to school and on the walk home, we make our own soundtrack for our lives. In our classrooms when we can get away with it, and when we’re trying to study- music is what gets us through and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than forgetting your headphones and realising you’re not going to be able to block out the world for a couple of hours.

Some of us turn to our friends. To the people who make us giggle through Science even after the teacher is threatening detention. We look to our best mates who tell us they haven’t started the essay yet either and spend hours tagging us in memes to help up stress less. We spend hours laying around at our friend’s houses, walking into their room like it’s our own and pretending to study when we’re really just scrolling through Insta to chill ourselves out.

And some of us look to travel to get our minds off things. Sometimes, it’s just heading to the beach on the weekend, lying in the sun and forgetting about the assignment. Sometimes, it’s trekking to the top of a lookout, where the view makes you realise that there are more important things in this world than memorising an English quote. Sometimes it’s packing up the car with road trip essentials like pillows and packets of Tim Tams and driving to the middle of nowhere with your mate that finally got his Ps.

Here at Year13, we know how important these things are for getting you through your worst days so what if we told you we found the perfect competition that rolls them all into one? The sort of opportunity to jump on a plane with your best mates, listen to your favourite music and basically have one of the best weekends of your entire life, for free?

Optus are giving you the chance to pick three of your best friends and head to Coachella 2018. It’s an all-expenses paid trip and the winner gets flights, accommodation, VIP passes and a cheeky $2,000 worth of spending money. Basically, it’s the best stress reliever you’re gonna find, and the perfect chance to take a break from studying.

All you gotta do is be 18+ and be currently studying in Australia. If this is you, chuck in your details here–easy peasy, no stress involved.