Unless you are a character in a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s unlikely anyone you meet will say this to you. The art of shaking hands is about connecting with someone, and this includes their name. You’re more likely to discover someone’s first and last name, occupation, hobbies, interests, and almost entire life story before ever delving into what their ATAR score is. We aren’t the types to define ourselves by a number.

Exam period has shifted into the results section, and for some people it is incredibly rewarding, but for others it is more difficult than taking all their exams, then doubled. Just as these numbers won’t define you your entire life, they also don’t need to define a limitation for university options.


Australia’s universities are competitive, as they should be. This means it’s even more important to check your options for getting into university when, for the one and only time in your life, you might be defined by a number. Your number doesn’t define you but the attitude you take toward obtaining your goals does.

If everyone was meant to go straight into university, everyone would. Then the competitive nature of university entry would drop and no one would. It’s those of us who didn’t quite get those last two digits in our ATAR to go straight into university that need a little extra help. You think the Beatles were embarrassed that they needed a little help from [their] friends? Then neither should you.


Our friends are the universities offering help to students for admission. They don’t want to just watch, they’re outreaching programs that offer direct entry into second year study. Showcase your right to be at university and they’ll throw the doors wide open for you. It’s just all about keeping your mind open and being receptive to their message, and ours, in saying you deserve the chance to prove you deserve to graduate from their university and with their credentials backing you.

No one may ever ask you again what you scored on your ATAR but they will ask where you earned your degree. Don’t let a score hold you back from that second part. #ImNotANumber

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