You know all those depressing stats that say there’s not going to be any jobs for us, that young people are going to have to work till we’re so old we’ll barely be able to enjoy our retirement and how we’re studying for jobs that won’t exist in ten years?

You’ve heard it all before- the workforce is changing, technology is advancing and we’re staring at a future where we’re struggling to find jobs and only have skills for gigs that won’t exist in ten years’ time.

But heading to uni seems like a pretty safe option, right? It’s probably what your parents want you to do, your teachers have spent nearly every class telling you that uni is a solid pathway to success and your past couple of years of schooling have been gearing you up for the uni life.

Here’s the thing though- the traditional ‘finish school, get a degree, find a job and live happily ever after’ story just isn’t how it happens anymore. The workforce isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and gone are the days of graduating degree in hand, landing ourselves a linear career path and a job we could probably stay in for most of our lives.

Which can make it pretty scary when picking a uni because you have to ask yourself a tonne of big questions. Are you going to go down a pathway that leads you to a job that won’t exist in five years? Is everything you learn going to be outdated by the time you graduate? Will all that time and energy spent studying be for nothing?

It’s tough because everything is filled with uncertainty and when you suck at making decisions, figuring out the unknown seems to be an impossible task. No one has a crystal ball and we’re all just stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what the best option is.

Which is why we’re so grateful that there’s universities out there like The University of Queensland (UQ). I know what you’re thinking ‘another plug for a uni, instead of actual advice’ but hear me out because I wouldn’t be talking about them if they weren’t doing something worth hearing about.

UQ is listening. They know we’re stressed, that we’re tired and that we have no idea what the future holds. And, instead of pretending to know what’s going to happen next…they’re agreeing with us. Crazy, huh?

They knows stats like that we’re expected to have 17 jobs across five different careers and instead of trying to sell us one straight-forward career path that doesn’t exist, they’re actually teaching their students the skills they need to kill it in a variety of jobs. It’s not about learning for one job, it’s about learning for the lifetime of opportunities ahead of you (and trust me, the opportunities will come flying at you as soon as you leave high school).

UQ doesn’t want to feed you some story that by just getting a traditional degree your whole life will be sorted. Nah, they want you to know that the world is changing but they’re going to actually prepare you for it.

If you don’t believe me, they’ve got an check out when their next Open Day is- it’s the perfect chance for you to check it out for yourself and ask all the questions you’re worried about. You can speak to staff, have a peek around the campus and attend info sessions about what it’s really like to study at UQ. If you’re keen, download the UQ360 app and get along to an Open Day.