High School

An Open Letter To My Exam Assessors

words by Year13 | photo by @jacqueamyrowe

Dear exam assessors,

I know you’re busy and I know that you probably won’t remember my exam after you read it but please remember I’ve tried my damn hardest. I’ve spent hours studying, crying, stressing; and all you see is a tiny piece of what I know. If only I could tell you…

…I am more than a series of numbers

You may only get to see a combination of numbers instead of my name. Remember that behind this, there is a person.

I am not a professor or a teacher, or even an academic; I am just a kid. I have no intention of remembering the coursework after the date of my exam. I understand that you can’t know our real names, but nevertheless don’t forget we are more than just numbers.

…I know more than I was able to show

I am in no way trying to play the victim but please don’t forget that these questions only show a tiny amount of what I have learnt. Some sections had such specific questions that I could barely write a line, let alone a response worthy of ten marks.

I know you have no control over this, but please understand these questions are hard. I am not asking you to hand out marks for participation or for just ‘giving it a go’ but maybe, just maybe, give it a second read.

That second read might just mean you can understand my rushed, scribbled, semi-coherent answer.

…look beyond the scribble

I would like to sincerely apologise for the horrendous scribble you have had to battle; especially towards the final pages.

My writing is only semi-legible at the best of times and as you are not accustomed to it you will probably struggle. I have spent too much time thinking, and not enough writing. However, please look beyond this.

These scribbled phases are answers. Combinations of an entire 13 years of schooling and three hours of non-stop writing.

This is me, telling you, what I know…don’t forget that. It may be tough to overlook the spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences (trust me, I know they’re bad) but please try.

…I know you have the final say

Last but not least… I respect the mark you give. I may not be happy, heck I may even want to cry, but you are the expert and you marked accordingly.

I spent hours and hours stressing and studying, and you have done the same while marking. At times it may have been hard to concentrate, decipher or even understand the point I was trying to make; but you stuck with it and for that I thank you.

If I could tell you one last thing it’s this–there is no such thing as a perfect response, I am only human; but please look for the smallest fragments of success within my answers, they may not be the best but I have tried my damn hardest.

Yours Sincerely,

High school students everywhere