Job hunting can be hard, especially when you’re young and employers are turning you away wherever you apply. It can seem like all you’re getting is rejections but don’t stress, this is where Employment Plus (EPLUS) comes in. They have a heap of opportunities and will help you get the training and job you need so you can start earning some cash to pay for those Maccas feeds.

If you’re struggling to get experience (because every ‘entry level’ job is asking for ten years of previous experience), EPLUS will help you through an accredited or non-accredited training course. They have options from First Aid and OHS courses all the way through to Business or IT diplomas. Once completed, you can chuck these qualifications on your resume and you’ll have the sort of skills employers are looking for.

Plus, EPLUS will help you out in writing your resume and cover letter as well as interview and job search skills so you’re prepared when you hit up employers.

On top of all this, EPLUS have links to local employers and businesses which means they’ll help you find the perfect place for you to work. And, when you land the job, they’re not going to just ditch you. The EPLUS site has advice for things like budgeting and keeping the job. They’ll keep mentoring you and help you out even after your hired, and can lend a hand with early costs such as uniforms, public transport fees and work foot wear if you need it.

Basically, they’ll help you out every step of the way, so hit them up on their Facebook page and send them a message if you’re after a job and haven’t had one in six months. It’s literally as simple as sending them a quick message saying ‘hey I need a hand finding a job’- easy peasy.

photo cred: dbleshot

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