The bank of Mum and Dad is a tidy little privilege while you’re a kid, but as adulthood looms, so does the prospect of getting off the parental free ride. Earning your own money in your teenage years is a fast track to independence, maturity and good times. And if you’re still mooching cash off your parents in your twenties, chances are, you’ll soon start to feel like a bit of a chump.

Here are 8 reasons to go out and earn your own:

1. You get to blow cash on stupid stuff

When you’ve earned the money yourself, you get to make your own, highly questionable, financial decisions. Feel like spending $34 on gourmet ice cream for all your mates tonight? Go for it. How ‘bout that $100 slushy machine on eBay? Done. It’s your cash after all. Nobody can tell you how to spend it.

2. You learn the value of your labour

When you start paying for your own stuff, you realise how much it’s actually worth. Those new jeans might actually be the equivalent of 10 hours of work, which is heaps, but it means you’ll really appreciate those jeans.

3. You’ll Get Better Grades

Studies have actually shown that those who work 10 to 15 hours per week while studying tend to perform better at school or university. The jury’s still out on the reason for this, but it might have something to do with the fact that juggling a job and school forces you to manage your time better.

4. Independence

Earning your own cash equates to financial independence. Whether it’s paying rent or shouting your mates a meal. Independence feels good.

5. Transport

Earning your own money gives you more agency for getting out and going places. Whether it’s buying your first car or getting the public transport system dialled, you’re going to become more comfortable with getting out and going places.

6. Confidence

Even if you’re not earning that much, there’s a certain pride in the fact that you earned it yourself. 

7. Learning to budget your money

Rent, bills, groceries and toiletries are just factors of life and you’ll figure out pretty quickly how to budget for all that stuff. The skill of budgeting is certain to help you out later down the track, whether you’re saving up to go overseas, buy a house or you’re running your own business.

8. It might turn into a career

While you’re mostly just trying to earn a bit of cold, hard cash for the weekend, you might find that you really dig certain elements of your job. You never know, it could be the first step toward a legit career.

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