There’s plenty of damn good reasons to get your licence. You’ll be able to ditch public transport, have a bit more freedom and finally get your mates to cut you some slack and stop giving you crap about being on your L’s. Aside from all this though, getting your licence is also going to increase your employability by heaps, especially if you’re looking for an apprenticeship.

Scroll through job ads for entry level jobs or apprentice placements and you’ll see a lot of them saying ‘licence required’. It makes sense, employers want people who are reliable, show up on time and are willing to learn. Having your licence ticks all those boxes and holding out on getting your P’s just because you can’t be bothered to get up your hours or you’re too lazy, is only going to put you behind the competition when it comes to applying for jobs.

Especially for anyone looking for an apprenticeship, getting your licence as soon as possible is super important. Tradies have to commute to a range of job sites, usually early in the morning, which can be hard to do if you’re relying on public transport. Plus, some days you might need to get to various job sites or make a trip to the local Bunnings to pick up materials and run errands. Can’t stop in at the servo for a pie and a Red Bull if you’re on the bus, can ya?

When we asked our tradie mates they said there’s definitely ways around it if you’re not old enough or haven’t spent enough time on your L’s to be able to drive on your own yet. But, if you haven’t got your P’s because of laziness, or you’ve lost your licence in the past and haven’t gotten it back, your reliability will get called into question, and it’s definitely not going to put you ahead of other applicants for the gig.

So, if you’re looking to get yourself a trade, we definitely recommend getting your licence, ASAP. If nothing else, it’s another thing to bulk up your resume and you’ll finally be able to stop begging your friends for lifts. Win-win, really.

If you’re located in Victoria and want some help sorting out an apprenticeship or traineeship, our mates at AGA can help. They’ve got 30 years’ experience in employing and training apprentices and trainees up their sleeve and they’ll manage every aspect of your training.