When you start creeping into your 20s, house parties slowly but surely start to disappear. Invitations to nights out start popping up to replace the faithful backyard bash. It could be because everyone is hitting 18 and can get into a club with a legitimate ID, or maybe because getting blind drunk on double blacks in your best friend’s backyard doesn’t align with images of being an adult. Whatever the reason, for people who love cheap drinks, comfy clothes and not grinding on total strangers, the good ol’ house party trumps clubbing, hands down.

1. House parties are cheaper

It’s a fact of life that if you’re going out clubbing you can expect to be low on funds for the next five years. Broke students rejoice because house parties will fit inside your tiny budget. House parties don’t require a fee on entry and you can bring your own cheap drinks (or scab a couple from your friends). Plus, when it’s winding down at the end of the night you can crash on the couch instead of paying for a taxi home.

2. They have better bathrooms

Clubbing means heading to the bathroom 15 minutes before you need to pee because that’s how long the queue is. Expect to be waiting in a line, and don’t have high hopes for the cleanliness of the toilet either. At a house party the longest you’ll have to wait is five minutes. Worst case scenario: someone’s throwing up and will hog the toilet for a solid ten minutes before heading back out to find a spare couch to crash on.

3. And no intense security

The tricky task of maintaining a sober stance while waiting in line for a club is something that doesn’t have to happen if you’re walking through your mate’s back gate. Worst thing you’ll encounter is a burly older family member who’s keeping an eye on everyone that’s walking in or an overly affectionate family dog who has taken to sniffing every new person who passes through the door.

4. They don’t have dress codes

Clubs are governed by strict dress codes. The classic combination of jeans and a tee with your favourite pair of Converse isn’t going to cut it when security is weighing up whether to let you in. On the flip side, you can rock up to a house party in pretty much whatever you want. Plus, once everyone’s had a few it’s perfectly acceptable to change into an over-sized hoodie and ditch your shoes.

5. You don’t have to spend 90% of the time avoiding creeps

Clubs are sweat boxes and jam packed with more people than the morning train to Central. Everyone is sweaty, someone keeps shoving their elbow into your back and you’ve got the equivalent of four standard drinks spilled on you. Thanks to this, you’ll probably encounter someone who wants to hit you or hook up with you without any encouragement on your behalf. Chances are you’re either attempting to escape the sleaze who keeps trying to put his tongue in your mouth, or the one that’s promising to knock you out as soon as he gets the chance. House parties tend to have an infinitely more chill vibe and you don’t have to spend as much time running around avoiding creeps.

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