I get it, taking driving lessons after school when all you wanna do is eat junk and watch trash is an absolute drag.

But I’m here to tell that you that it’s also one of the best things you can do with your time at the moment because, like those overly positive Facebook memes say, struggle now and you’ll reap the rewards later.

The rewards will mostly be in the form of midnight Maccas runs, but they count for something right?

Here are the rest of reasons why you need to get your licence before the school holidays.

1. Freedom

The best thing about getting your licence is that you’ll finally have control over your own schedule, and during the holidays this is liquid gold.

Your days out to the beach, movie dates and general night time mischief will no longer depend on your parents giving you lifts or how agreeable public transport is on the day. You’ll simply be able to drive yourself anywhere you want, which means you’ll be able to set off and leave whenever you want too.

No more being stranded at boring family events waiting for your parents to drive you home and no more being late to the party because you were waiting for a bus that never came.

 2. To kill your boredom

The holidays are great but how many times do you find yourself bored as shit on a random afternoon because you’re home alone and you thought you could handle another 13 hours of Netflix?

With your licence, moments like these can easily be solved by jumping into your car and driving anywhere.

Drive to your best friend’s house and spend the day sitting on their bedroom floor talking shit. Or pick them up and go on a spontaneous adventure to the beach or a random spot in a park. Or just go to your nearest Maccas and sit in the carpark eating nuggets and belting out old school bangers.

Either way, your options expand exponentially with your licence.

3. So you can go on road trips

You don’t have to travel far for it to count as a road trip, and you don’t have to be Jack Kerouac for it to be dope.

My first road trip was to the Blue Mountains and we had so little idea what we were doing that we pretty much had to leave as soon as we arrived. We all had a bloody good time anyway.

Something about having all your best mates together in a car, picking tunes that you all love and feeling like you were all in charge of what you did that day and feeling good about it–that’s a feeling that sticks with you.

And if it’s the holidays right after finishing high school, you’ve got a whole range of options for camping and Airbnb’s that you can take advantage of that make road trips even better.

 4. To make it easier to find a job and go to work

Having your licence also means that your job search becomes infinitely easier because you can actually reliably get to a lot more places than if you only had public transport or your parents driving you around.

The kind of work you can do also opens up, with options like delivery driving for restaurants or apprenticeships that can require you to drive between sites. 

5. So you can feel like you have your shit together

We’ve always said that getting your licence is better than turning 18 and we stand by it.

It’s a much more important milestone and one that’s so much more useful. While the holidays should be a time for relaxation, it’s also easy to start stressing about upcoming exams and assessments.

Even if you’re a little behind in study, having your licence means you know you’ve got a handle on at least one thing in your life and that feeling alone is worth all the shouting matches you had with you dad in the car to get there.