Being out of school is so damn exciting but deciding how to celebrate can seem like a huge task.

Do you take your parent’s yacht around the Caribbean while drinking exclusively Grey Goose? Or do you fall back into reality and decide that your Grandpa’s farm will probably do?

Do you decide to have three months overseas, or six, or do you completely flee the country, leaving no trace of your existence?

So many cool options! And we’re here to help you pick the best one for you.



Living it up for a week can be one of the greatest and wildest and most transformative experiences you can have after graduating.

If you go with people from school, it can be really special; a collective celebration of all the things you may or may not have achieved whilst being caged together for seven years.

Schoolies is sick because it crams basically a month of fun into a week, allowing you to do whatever you want with virtually no responsibilities.


The amount of fun you’ll be having is a double-edged sword.

You’re going to spend most of your mornings hungover and most nights not really remembering much.

Schoolies is also (in most cases) a pretty big amount of money to spend on only what’s usually a one-week trip.

You’re also relying on a lot of other people to have fun, so if their nights are somehow ruined, yours is too.

Gap Year


An entire year of (almost) complete freedom is such an exciting opportunity, and one that doesn’t come around often.

You get this massive amount of time to work your butt off, pursue your passions and potentially travel the world. It can be as cheap as you need it to be and there’s a tonne of places you can travel on a budget (check some out here)- Europe or Asia are popular options depending on the amount of cash you have. Working full time is a always a solid option or you can try out a heap of different things like short courses and volunteering.

Having a year off study also gives you valuable time to just think and make choices untouched by the stress of schooling. It’s time for you to figure out your own head and what you genuinely enjoy, without having to deal with the pressure of writing an essay about it or sitting an exam.


Honestly, there’s moments during gap years that can feel a bit isolating. While you do have a lot of freedom, that freedom can make it feel as though you’re being left behind by your mates who are all slogging through their degrees or just generally appearing to get their shit together.

Also, the idea of no studying can sound cool, but it’s also hard to remember that when you’re polishing your 320th piece of cutlery to save for your Europe trip that’s still four months away.

The verdict?

Honestly, the pros for both doing schoolies and having a gap year far out-weigh the cons. Both experiences are exciting and worthwhile and most likely worth the money you’re going to fork out.

If you can afford it, look to this image for some final inspiration:

why don't we have both