You wake up in the morning and hate past you for thinking that staying up watching Netflix at 2am and texting your crush was a good idea. You hit snooze on your alarm a million times and only scramble out of bed when you realise you have 5 minutes to get your shit together and get out the door; you’re already counting down the seconds until you can head back to bed. You slog through your classes, forcing your eyes to stay open as your Maths teacher drones on about numbers you don’t care about and you know you’ll never use. By the time the final bell rings your best friend has poked you awake more than once during English but it doesn’t matter because now you’re on the home stretch. You finally get through your front door, kick off your shoes, dump your bag in the hallway and flop onto bed.

If this sounds like you, and you need any more convincing to take a nap, here it is. We’ve known for a while that short power naps can help us be more focused,  productive and refreshed. Plus, when you have a mountain of work to do, a little nap is the perfect way to ignore it.

And now, science has said that short naps can also make you happier.

According to a new survey, it was found that within the study sample, 66% the people who took naps under thirty minutes reported being happy, compared to 56% of people who took naps over thirty minutes.

Look, it’s not exactly ground-breaking science but we’ll take any excuse to head back to bed.

Other reasons you should nap:

  • Boost alertness and enhance performance
  • Good way to spend last period Maths class or that 9am lecture
  • Companies like Google have nap pods to make sure their employees are energised and focused
  • Having a coffee then having a nap before the caffeine kicks in can be super effective in waking you up
  • Will help you pull through an all nighter (assuming you’ll be able to wake up)


Emma Kocbek

Photo credit: mariahraephotography

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