You know what’s great? Free stuff. We’ve all been so full we could quite literally throw up, but still accepted a free dessert platter (and suffered the consequences later, desperately swallowing back the dinner that’s threatening a projectile return, and reassuring ourselves that we “had no choice. It had to be done. It was free.”)

But you know what’s even better? Free money. Money can be spent whenever, on whatever you like. More importantly, money won’t creep back up your oesophagus and repeat on you 1-3 hours later.

Get $50 for opening a new bank account online

Westpac are giving students $50 when they open a Westpac Choice transaction account before 29 March 2018. All you’ve gotta do is open a new account online, which can take all of about three minutes (and you won’t even have to get up to do it), then chuck in $250 within 45 days of opening the account and Westpac will deposit $50.

It’s a bloody good offer, and that’s because Westpac know that the student life is a constant uphill battle so an extra $50 can go a long way, whether it’s to buy that textbook you can’t quite afford, or simply just spend a night off the mi goreng and splash out on a nice meal.

If you’re coming off a youth account, you might have already started to think about changing bank accounts anyway. Plus, if you’re a full time student or under 21 you won’t pay a monthly service fee, which saves you an extra five bucks a month.

Suss out the Westpac Choice account page to find out more about the offer and the T&Cs!

This information is intended to be general in nature only and might not apply to your personal circumstances. When in doubt always seek professional guidance.

Got some burning financial questions or want to know more about how to handle your money? Year13 and Westpac have teamed up to bring you FinLit, a financial literacy program teaching you everything about money that you never learnt in high school.

Whether you’re moving out, buying a car, muddling through your taxes or trying to sort your super, FinLit has the info you need. Suss it out here.

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