Letz Live
Boobooski Japan Work & Ski or Work & Live in Japan!
UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy
JCR Au Pairs And Nannies
Nepal, Vanuatu, Borneo, Vietnam
Schoolies Unearthed
Asia, Africa, Latin America, Fiji, France
Totally Travel


Schoolies Volunteering Trips
Cambodia, Bali and more
1 or 2 weeks
Jackaroo Jillaroo Course
1 week course (work placements could follow)
16yrs and above
Paid work
African Wildlife Captive Care
South Africa
2 weeks or more
18yrs and above
Schoolies Unearthed - Vietnam
South East Asia
10 Days
Au Pair In Spain
2 - 3 or 9 - 12 Months
18 - 30 yrs
Paid work
Au Pair In Canada
9 - 24 Months
18 - 35 yrs
Paid work
Au Pair In Italy
2 - 3 Months
18 - 30 yrs
Paid work
Au Pair In The USA
12 Months
18 - 26yrs
Paid work
Au Pair or Nanny In The UK
6 - 12 Months
18 - 30 yrs
Paid work


Arts & Entertainment
Retail & Customer Service
Agriculture & Animal Services
Tourism & Hospitality
Teaching & Education


Arts & Entertainment
Dance What’s it all about? The study of dance is a specialised discipline that combines the science of human movement with dance instruction. Dance is a celebration of movement and traditionally used as a means of tel...
Career Paths
Why Becoming A Teacher Isn’t Just A ‘Back Up’ Option Becoming a teacher can seem like a pretty sweet gig. School holidays, work days that go from 9am till 3pm and a break at recess and lunch can seem better than your regular 9-5 job. A four year university degree does...
Career Paths
How to Get Into Retail and Customer Services Through Vet The jobs within the customer service industry extend far beyond working part-time at the clothes store down the road. There are many career opportunities available within the industry that can be accessed through a varie...
Career Paths
How to Get Into Animal Services or Agriculture Through VET The animal services and agriculture sectors are really broad and far-reaching. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not always necessary to obtain a science degree to work within these fields. In fact, VET offers ...
Budget Travel
Why Working Overseas Is The Best Bet For A Gap Year Choosing what to do on your gap year can be a bloody tricky task. There’s just so much to choose from and time can feel limited! But there’s a way to combine all the best bits of a gap year into one crazy 12-...
Travel Stories
Why Travelling Made Me Feel Like I Was Being Left Behind As soon as I finished school, I got myself a full-time job and worked my ass off. Most of my friends did that over summer too, so we were all in the same boat there. But, when they started to cut down on their hours a...
Tourism & Hospitality
Chef What’s it all about? Do you think you might be the next Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson? If you do, then this gig’s for you! In a chef apprenticeship you’ll get trained in all the skill...
Tourism & Hospitality
Event Management What’s it all about? Events management can be one of the most exciting careers going around, offering infinite possibilities in a crazy industry that can take you anywhere! Events management is the process of or...
Gap Years
Au Pair / Nanny Gap Year What is Au Pair? An ‘Au Pair’ is a nanny or babysitter who works and lives full-time in a family environment, looking after their children. Being an Au Pair for a gap year means you will be living and working overseas as...
Career Paths
These Guys Are Australia’s Leading School For Film And TV Actors Building an acting career is no small feat. In fact, breaking into the film and television industry can seem like an extremely daunting task and many turn away from acting as a career because of that. But we at Year13 ha...


HVTC HVTC is one of Australia’s oldest Group Training Organisation an...
Across Australia
Affinity Education Group Affinity Education Group is a provider of early childhood education, own...
Smart Employment Solutions Smart Employment Solutions is the trusted name in Apprenticeships and Trainees...
Apprenticeships Matter Apprenticeships Matter opens the door to apprenticeship and traineeship pathways...
News Corp Australia News Corp Australia is Australia's leading media and digital re...


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
JMC Academy Enrol for a career in Music, Entertainment Business, Audio Engineering, Digital Design, Animat...
Sydney, NSW
Western Sydney University: The College The College at Western Sydney University provides highly successful alternat..
Across NSW & Online
TAFE NSW TAFE NSW is Australia's leading provider for education and training courses. Be ambitious.
Collingwood, Melbourne
LCI Melbourne LCI Melbourne is a higher education institution mentoring students to bec...
Surry Hills - Sydney
Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT) Enrol now for a career in Acting, Film and Live Production at AFTT and discover h...