What’s a skiing gap year?

Getting into a Skiing gap year means you’ll be living and working in the snow, in the winter time, in whatever country you travel to! It isn’t just about skiing, but you’ll most likely be working at a ski resort in some way, and like with most gap year work, you’ll be doing your job in exchange for accommodation, food and maybe some spending money. There are some great agencies which focus on gap years for all your school leavers out there who will help with your visas,

flights, insurance, accommodation, job placement and ongoing support while you’re there. There’s always an application and interviewing process, but you can contact them to find out all about what you need to do. Check out some more info here! 

Is it made for me?

For all you cool people who love winter sports, or just being in the snow, and have a happy, friendly and sociable nature, there’s the skiing gap year. You’ll need at least some skills and experience for certain jobs, and none, or different kinds, for others. Check out all the options available to you and then decide what you might be good at. You will need to have good records and pass character checks.

What will I do with myself at a skiing resort?

One of the most popular things to do is be a ski instructor or snowboard instructor, if you’re experienced and good at it. Besides that, there are other things you can do, like work in the resort, at the front desk or reception, in the office, as a housekeeper, cook or babysitter, in the retail shops or ticket sales, or as a ski rental guru.

Where can I do it?


What will I experience at a skiing resort?

If you go for the skiing gap year, you’ll learn new skills, meet heaps of people, make lots of friends, enjoy socialising when you’re not working, have some fun on the slopes, enjoy the scenery, and get active in some cool places.

How is this good for my career?

Obviously if you want a career in winter sports, whether you want to compete or coach, then this is the ultimate way to get experience and skills in a work setting if you want a head start on things. But in other areas of work, whatever industry you enter, it also shows future employers your motivation, dedication, drive, worldly perspective, responsible, mature and hard-working attitude, your ability to be independent, and your related activities and qualifications for further work or study. Everything about a skiing gap year is cool!