To the students who are ready to give up,

There are going to be days where nothing goes right.

Days where you try and study and nothing sinks in, exams where you look at a question and wonder how you’re meant to answer it.

There will be times where you’ll be drowning under a mountain of assignments, homework, study sessions and exams. There will be late nights and tears and frantic typing to meet another deadline and you will be tired. Exhaustion and apathy will creep over you and make it hard to care about anything. You will get to a point where you are just trying to make it through each day, trudging to the finish line with your head down in the hopes that you will be able to stop soon.

But please trust me, the finish line is coming, you just have to keep going.

1. Give yourself a break

When you get to this point it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. It’s okay to spend a whole day in bed, watching Netflix and sleeping because you’ve been running on caffeine for the past couple of days. Sometimes, your health will be more important than anything and looking after yourself will be a priority. Take the time to give yourself a rest.

2. Talk to someone

It’s hard to talk to your parents when it feels like all they’re doing is demanding high rankings and uni offers. It’s hard to talk to your friends when it seems like they’re fine, and that you’re stressing over nothing. It’s hard to talk to your teachers when they’re handing you yet another pile of work to be added to your never ending to-do list. But find someone. Your big sister, your favourite teacher, your best friend or your GP- get some support to help you through. There’s people there to help you if you’re struggling, so use them.

3. Put it in perspective

Regardless of how you go in your exams you will figure things out. There are so many options to travel, work and study and once you finish your final year, everyone’s going to forget about what your marks were. Right now, the pressure might feel like it’s reaching breaking point. But once you walk out of your final exam, once the marks are released and rankings start rolling out, you’ll realise that this was just a tiny blip in a lifetime of experiences ahead of you. You will work it out, I promise.