Two years ago, Year13 released this video, asking you all what you would do if money was no object. Afterwards, we were absolutely inundated with responses. You guys told us you were passionate about travelling the world, of finding a career that you adored, of fighting world hunger, of taking the time to be taught the skills you’ve always put off learning.

Since Year13 first started, you guys have told us what you’ve needed and we’ve created all our services in employment, education and travel to help you make your ideas a reality. If Hamish & Andy are the peoples show, then Year13 has become the people’s platform.

But after watching the video, there was one thing many of you brought up time and time again. You said that it was all well and good to know where your passions lay… but you also needed the money to be able to pursue them.

Don’t worry guys, we heard ya.

Year13 has decided it’s about time we help you all get financially lit(erate). How come we all know who Pythagoras is, but no one taught us how to do our taxes? How come we can recite the quadratic formula, but have no idea what superannuation is? Why did no one teach us how to save for a house, or get a car loan, or what interest rates are?

While we like to think we’re pretty smart over here at Year13, funnily enough, no one taught us any of that stuff either. We couldn’t pretend to be an authority on money, so we went on the hunt for a helping hand, searching for someone who understood just how difficult it is for our generation to wrap our heads around all this financial stuff.

And then we stumbled upon Westpac. And thank god we did!

Westpac and Year13 will be teaming up and working together to help you guys out with all things cash money. We’ve built a financial literacy program together that will make all things money related much easier to swallow.

But why Westpac? Well, we did our research. We wanted a bank that aligned to our values, and a bank that we felt aligned to yours.

Pretty obvious choice, huh?

Once we realised that Westpac was the perfect choice we got crackin’ on making the FinLit program and our money site which leads us here. So, if you’re keen to learn about all the money stuff that school might have missed, head over here and check it out.


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