The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is one of Australia’s largest employers. If you’ve ever been on a job hunt, it can be frustrating trying to find that ‘right fit.’ No two people are the same and this can sometimes lead to additional stress. Year13’s been there and the inside knowledge we have into the ADF might change your mind about where you send your resume.

Your instincts might tell you to brush off working for the ADF because, really, you’re not sure what it would mean. Thinking, “Why would I want to join theADF”? We understand that because, really, you have to ask yourself that question no matter where you apply. It’s usually the first question an employer will ask in an interview: “So, why do you want to work for us?”

First and foremost: What is the Australian Defence Force? Put simply, the ADF is the military organisation responsible for Australia’s defence. Made up of the Navy, Army, and Air Force, the ADF provides some the best training in Australia, with a large and diverse range of people serving all across Australia and abroad.

Sometimes people assume they’ll automatically be running around the bush when they join the ADF, but that’s not always the case. Take Submariners in the Royal Australian Navy, for instance. As an Electronics Engineer Officer Submariner, you will also be responsible for the submarine’s communications, radar, sonar, navigation, combat data, fire control and weapons systems.

There are roles for tradespeople, medical personnel, engineers and a whole host of others. The range of roles available means there is a good chance there is something that’s right for you.

Right about now you might be wondering how any of this relates to you. Well, the ADF is always looking for new talent. If you want to learn a trade then the ADF will train you Or, if a trade isn’t your calling, the options are vast.

Year13 is able to stand by what the ADF stands for because of our unique insight. We’re lucky enough to have the doors opened to us and we can proudly say one of the best things about a career in the ADF is the security it brings. With the competitive pay, a career that propels your skillset, and a secure future, it’s a career choice you should consider.

There are a host of roles available for you and a guaranteed future should you decide to take up the challenge.

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