Whether you’re saving up for that big gap year adventure, getting ready for a quick jaunt up the coast, or simply heading out to your local takeaway joint for a feed, you’ll probably appreciate a good bargain. Stuff is getting pretty damn expensive, and for those of us with big dreams and empty pockets, getting your stinge on is now a necessity. We all gotta hunt out those deals, especially if you’re living the student lyf.

So let’s talk about the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Essentially it’s the only student ID discount card that is globally recognised and it has provided more than 100 million travellers with mega discounts, both at home and overseas. Basically, ISIC has a worldwide network of businesses—brands like STA Travel, Hostelworld, Lonely Planet and scores of others—who offer 42,000 discounts in over 130 different countries.

For travellers, you’re looking at up to 40% off international flights with STA travel, discounted Eurail train passes across Europe and big discounts on tours and attractions pretty much everywhere. Think snowboarding in Italy, craft beer tours in New York and skydiving in New Zealand. For those in Australia, you can get a 20% discount at over 2500 restaurants and takeaway spots, plus cheap movie tickets and 5% off all your groceries, liquor and fuel.


So you’re probably thinking, how do I get myself one of these handy little cards? And why don’t you pay the card fee?

So yeah, normally you have to pay for the card, but Westpac recently partnered with ISIC and are offering a pretty sweet deal: anyone who qualifies and opens a Westpac Choice account gets an ISIC card.

The Westpac Choice account has its perks too. It has no monthly account service fees for students, people under 21 or those who deposit $2000 per month. Plus, you can access your money with your phone via cardless cash; you get fraud protection and you can put your card on hold if you misplace it, meaning you can reactivate it without cancelling in case you happen to find it later.

Signing up with Westpac also means that you will have access to their Global ATM Alliance, which basically means that they use their international network of partners that combine to over 50,000 ATMs to help you pay no ATM withdrawal fee’s when you are travelling overseas (besides a 3% Westpac foreign transaction fee).

No matter which way you look at it, this is a pretty damn good deal, especially for those who are getting ready to go on a big international adventure.

You can sign up for the Westpac Choice account and get your ISIC card here.  

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