According to national figures released on ServiceSeeking this week, licensed plumbers and electricians are earning more than lawyers. Not just a little more, not just a cheeky McDonalds ice-cream more, but DOUBLE.


According to PayScale, the average lawyer earns $37 an hour. In contrast, a plumber earns a sweet $78.40 an hour and an electrician $74.61. In fact, the average tradie earns a whopping $60.88 an hour!

Not only is the pay great, but with a nation-wide tradie shortage there’s a heap of work. Chief Executive Jeremy Levitt from ServiceSeeking states that:

“Even though the mining boom has cooled, tradesmen are still in high demand relative to supply… If you are a house builder in Sydney, you are in a prime position to make a fortune. House owners are very confident about return on investment putting money into their property so there is a lot of work going on in the renovation market.”

Some argue that too many students were pushed senselessly into university degrees and as a result, graduates were left with barely any job prospects and apprenticeship companies with barely any applicants. What is leading this push into university? Is it the ATAR and the culture of high school? Is it the misconceptions surrounding tradie culture and tradie income (which statistically disprove everything)? Is it the government seeking more cash? Is it the accessibility of university and the lack of rigorous testing methods?


I think the most prominent is the tradie culture, which is often discussed negatively, or isn’t taken seriously.

And yet, to get a trade is to become skilled in something that is beneficial to every household, to every company, and to every building in the world. To devalue the necessity and the benefits of this labour is to devalue the foundations of everything you use- from your car to your chair to your light switch.


Let us not forget those who contribute a great deal to the simple things that make everything else happen. Don’t opt out of studying a trade because of opinion or stereotype. Get in there and change the stereotype and hey, judging by the stats you’ll rake in a bit of dough on the way.

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