I’m not here to lie to you. My final exams literally felt like the longest month of my life.

Even after finishing every exam, the end never felt closer and the study never became easier. But this feeling of absolute misery was all worth it because, when I walked out of my school hall after my last exam, I was walking into a world of complete freedom.

I remember going to the bar where my sister worked, at 3pm and getting a free Jack and Coke; the best drink I’ve ever had in my life. But this was just the beginning of some truly incredible post-exam moments.

1. Schoolies

You have so many options with what you want to do for schoolies, or where you want to go and whatever that is, it’s guaranteed to be an incredible celebration of 13 years of school.

You are going to get as loose as a goose, regardless of whether you’re a drinker or not. Whether it’s Fiji or your Grandpa’s holiday house down the coast, it’s something to be super keen about.

2. Burning your notes

Find a friend with a bonfire and throw the sacrificial burning of your dreams! Watch your notes shrivel up into nothing, just like you nearly did when you were writing them.

3. Free Time

The level of freedom you have now is unparalleled to what you’ve experienced before. You have time to think! About yourself! Not related to school!

This feeling may seem super strange at first but using it to your advantage will only let you thrive.

Apply for jobs, earn that sweet moolah. Go out and don’t worry if you have an exam the next day, because you don’t!

4. Netflix your heart out

I know that you’ve probably been consistently still watching Netflix throughout your exams, but now you don’t have to feel bad about it!

Start your day right by not leaving your bed and transform yourself into a hermit crab so you can finally finish all the shows you’re behind on.

5. Cleaning your room

Okay, hear me out. I have always hated cleaning my room, but after school it’s a whole new ball game. Cleaning your room for the first-time post school is a symbol of reinvention.

You’re able to ditch everything from your most despised subjects and start anew, fresh, just so you can inevitably mess it all up again, which is okay. Just make sure all your school stuff is out the door.