18th’s are considered the grand finale of our youth. It’s the night that you transition from a fresh faced, idealistic teenager to a fully-fledged, bill-paying, 9-5 working adult. Alright, maybe it doesn’t happen like that, but either way you want to throw a party that doesn’t suck.

1. Playlist

Number one thing is to make sure your Spotify game is peak. Don’t be scared of some old-school bangers like Come On Eileen or Bohemian Rhapsody, everyone loves a sing-a-long. But remember, Drake is magic and God’s Plan is guaranteed to get everyone (I’m so sorry this word’s being used) lit. Bite the bullet and pay for Spotify premium or get a DJ because no one wants to hear an ANZ ad instead of Fergalicious.

2. Invite people you actually like

You would hope that the old high school popularity contest would be over by Year 12, but for must of us, the drama continues until graduation. Just remember that you’re only going to have a good time if the people around you are having a good time. Invite your friends of course, but also invite that girl from English you always laugh with but you never see out of school. Definitely invite your crush because you’ll be the most important person in the room and just the right amount of drunk to tell them that you two should get married. No point inviting someone you don’t like just because they sometimes promote teeth-whiteners on their Instagram.

3. Pizza

Need I say more? The food of the gods. 

4. Parents are your friends

If your parents are letting you have an 18th then you need to thank them. Remember they were once your age, probably drinking some old-person beer in the 80s at their mates 18th as well so don’t demand they leave the house with you and all your friends. Let them invite their friends even- if they’re having fun, you’re having fun. Plus, if they’re pre-occupied, they’ll probably miss seeing you hooking up with your crush after they say yes to the getting married thing.

5. Don’t go too hard too early

If you’re turning 18, chances are you’re going to want to go big on the alcohol front (if you don’t, that’s cool too).  We’re not going to be the fun police (it’s your party after all) but you’re going to want to kind of keep your head at least until the guests start to arrive. Get rowdy! But not too rowdy. You don’t want the success of your 18th to be measured by how much vomit was on the floor or how hard you fell during the speeches.

6. Games

We’re not talking Monopoly and you can head here for the sort of games you want at your 18th. Prep the game space and make sure you organise the props you need (red cups, ping pong balls and a deck of cards are generally your best bet.)

7. Stressing helps no one

You’ve been waiting for this night since you knocked off your iconic 13th birthday. It’s going to be important, it’s going to be fun, but you’re probably stressing about it. This is completely normal, but there’s no point stressing over things you can’t change once the big night arrives. Embarrass yourself on the dance floor, eat some (or a lot) of cake, drink responsibly (enough) and have the best time before your life descends into a spiral of tax returns and mortgages.