It’s your classic house party and everyone’s hanging out in the backyard on half broken green garden chairs that were sprayed for Red Backs that afternoon. There’s a half dead fire surrounded by empty goon sacks that have long since been emptied.

A random couple are making out on the trampoline and that guy has taken his shirt and his pants off after being at the party for exactly two seconds. You’ve topped up your cups with the random alcohol you took from your parent’s liquor cabinet, and whatever you managed to scab from your mates.

It’s coming up to that time of night when you put your inebriated brain (and liver) on the line. It’s time to grab your friends, get ’em round a table and pull out one of these good ol’ drinking games.

1. Paranoia

Sit everyone down in a circle. The person on your right whispers you a question, the answer of which has to be somebody playing the game (e.g. ‘who is the hottest in this room?’). You respond out loud. If someone wants to know what the question was, they have to finish their drink.

 2. Kings Cup

There are a lot of variations on this one, but everyone will need a drink, one empty cup and a pack of cards. Gather around a table, place the empty cup in the middle and scatter the deck of cards around it, face down. Each different card will require the players to do something, e.g. if you pull a number two you have to choose two people to drink, etc.

You can follow a set list for what each card means or make your own variations–although sometimes it’s easiest to write them down so everyone knows the rules. The only card that can’t be changed is the Kings. If a player picks up a King, they must empty their drink into the middle cup. The person who picks up the final King must drink whatever concoction has been poured into it, and loses the game.

3. Confidence

Super simple; and the same structure as Kings Cup in terms of a circle, drinks and a centre cup. You’ll also need a coin.
When it’s your turn, you pour some of your drink into the cup depending on how confident you’re feeling. Flip the coin and call it in the air. If you’re right, it’s the next person’s turn. If you’re wrong, you’ve have to drink whatever is in the cup.

4. Never Have I Ever

This is the perfect game for figuring out what your friends are really like and will inevitably descend into confessions that probably shouldn’t see the light of day. Chuck your backyard chairs into a circle and make sure everyone has a drink. Whoever wants to start will say ‘Never have I ever… [insert situation here]. Whoever has done said activity has to take a swig.

Starter ‘Never have I ever…’

  • …stolen something
  • …lied in a game of Never Have I Ever
  • …walked in on my parents
  • …sent a sext
  • …cheated on an exam

5. Most Likely

One person asks a ‘most likely’ question, for example ‘who is most likely to be arrested’. After counting to three, everyone points to who they think is most likely. Whoever has the most people pointing at them has to drink.

‘Who’s most likely’ starters:

  • …to vomit tonight
  • …get in a fight
  • …to cheat on someone
  • …to be cheated on
  • …to kill someone

6. Buffalo

Buffalo rules need to be established and agreed upon at the start of the party and continued for the rest of the night. In its basic form, it’s pretty simple: you can only drink from a cup/glass/bottle you’re holding in your left hand.

If you drink from your cup/glass/bottle while holding it in your right hand, and someone catches you they call Buffalo and you have to chug the drink. If they’re wrong, they have to finish their drink.

7. Categories

This is another super easy one that will gradually get harder as the night goes on. One person calls out a category e.g. cars, and the person next to them calls out something that fits into that category e.g. Jeep.

It carries on until a player can’t think of something, or repeats one that has already been said. They finish their drink, then pick a new category.

Category starters:

  • Simpsons characters
  • Cereals
  • Harry Potter spells
  • Types of alcohol
  • People who have dated Taylor Swift