We’re pretty lucky that Australia has some quality universities that we’re able to study at. If you can manage it, studying at a top uni can be worth the effort because it means you can chuck a prestigious and well-established name on your resume. So, if you’re thinking of heading to a top uni, here’s what you need to know.

1. Be prepared to make a move

A lot of the best universities are smack bang in the middle of major cities which means they’re close to a heap of facilities but probably not down the road from your ‘rents house. While it can seem a bit scary to move out of home and leave mum’s cooking behind, living on campus is actually a super great experience so suss out on campus living or other accommodation options if you’re aiming to get into a top uni.

2. Make sure it’s your first preference

Even if you’re not 100% sure you’re going to get the marks you need, don’t put a top uni anywhere but first if you really want to go. The worst thing that’ll happen is you’ll have to fall back on your other options, but that’s better than selling yourself short and ruining your own chance at getting into a top uni by putting it way down the list.

3. Head along to the open days

Aside from all the free stuff you can collect, going to open days is actually a pretty solid idea. Not only will you be equipped with all the free USBs and pens you need for the year, you’ll also get to talk to real people about which course you should choose and how you can apply. Plus, you’ll get to check out the campus and the on-campus accommodation which – if you’re going to have to relocate to attend a top uni – is something you’re going to need. Open days just give you a better idea of everything you’ll wanna know before deciding on a university, like cut off entry scores, costs, the uni environment, scholarship options and heaps more.

4. Keep an eye on deadlines

Yeah, I get it, you have a lot going on without stressing about specific uni dates and deadlines. But hear me out because your teachers aren’t going to be able to keep you up to date with every single thing that every uni is pushing out. You need to keep an eye out for scholarship, accommodation and early entry scheme deadlines and stay on top of them. This will save you a tonne of stress down the line when you have your scholarship submission in on time, while your mates are desperately searching through study notes and past exam papers for the application that’s already overdue.

5. Suss out alternative entry options

Just because you’re looking to go to a top uni doesn’t mean there isn’t flexibility. Bonus points, early offers and alternative entry are all options and can help you get an offer. Plus, once you get an offer there are always ways to vary your study load or even change degrees – so don’t freak out and think that you’re locked into one thing for the next three to six years.

If you’re really keen on a prestigious uni, The Australian National University (ANU) is Australia’s top dog, ranked first in Australia and 20th in the world. And it’s ranked number one for a reason. ANU has top quality facilities, accommodation and teachers plus it offers flexible degrees and has the prestigious name to boot. The campus is located smack bang in the heart of Canberra (did someone say uni town?) and there are tonnes of on campus events so you’ll get to experience the best bits of student life.

Head along to ANU Open Day on the 26th August to sus out what they have on offer!


photo cred: North Wezt

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