Middle-of-the-week blues has now become a sensational peak to the week.

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We disagree that it’s all downhill from here. Instead, we choose to focus on the potential for the remainder of the week. While others might disagree, the uphill battles in life can result in our greatest achievements. Wouldn’t you agree that the stories you tell and the fondest memories you look back on are the ones where you faced a challenge and won?

Learning a new skill can be just as frustrating and just as incredibly rewarding. Being the first call when a pipe bursts or where a wire is on the fritz is exhilarating. There are people depending on you and knowing how to help, being mister or miss-fix-it, is a pathway built to accommodate any gender, race, ethnicity, or nationality. Pride in your work isn’t prejudicial.

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That’s why, in the middle of week when a slump hits you, consider who you’re working for. You’re more than just a tradie in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). You’ll learn trade skills, of course, but they’ll also teach you the personal skills you need to succeed in the ADF, whilst undertaking military training. A trade profession in the Australian Defence Force will go beyond the basics of your field with roles ranging from Aviation Technicians to Motor Mechanics, and more.

And then there’s the competitive salary package and the opportunity to learn a life skill while becoming part of a professional and motivated team. Your uniform will be layered with Aussie pride, both for your trade work and your dedication to your country. If you want to take up an apprenticeship or use your qualifications to do something different with your trade, joining the ADF takes an application and personal dedication.


You’ll be among some of the best the country has to offer, learning under the best the Defence Force has produced. If you’ve been thinking it’s time you take control and learn a valuable trade with men and women who will become some of your best mates, then apply today.

If you’d like more information or want to discuss the possibilities with a member of the Australian Defence Force, call 13 19 01 or visit defencejobs.gov.au.

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