We’re all guilty of missing lectures. We’re all guilty of hangovers, sleep-ins and a cbf attitude that results in a better attendance record at the campus bar. But what does it cost you? I, a self-proclaimed professional lecture-skipper decided to find out.

Say you do four subjects a semester at $1000 per subject and you do eight a year. Maybe you have three contact hours per subject per week. That’s a 12-hour week. You have two semesters, both approximately 12 weeks in length.

That’s $8000 a year divided by 288 contact hours. Total? 27.7

This means that every hour at university costs you 28 DOLLARS.

Not only that, but every lecture you miss brings more stress at the end of your semester, especially when you have an exam that ‘incorporates all of the readings as discussed in the lectures’, what. You look with envy at the straight-HD student who is casually flicking through their binder of well-annotated and highlighted notes.

Nowadays a lot of lectures are recorded online so realistically you could catch up on everything. But who does? Once you’re behind on one lecture and realise you can still make an active contribution to your tutorial without batting an eyelid, you abandon the recorded lecture ship immediately.

Every lecture you miss you waste the opportunity to learn something that will expand your mind and enhance your understanding of the world that you live in. The lecturer will name drop authors and thinkers and thought provoking videos that won’t be in the lecture notes online. While it’s liberating to have the freedom to do what you like, it’s not until you’re out of Uni and nostalgic for institutional learning that you realise how beneficial and liberating learning in a classroom was.

Plus, if you do skip your lectures you’ll be paying for it. Quite literally.