Despite your teachers telling you that you should have started studying months ago, you told yourself you had plenty of time. Now, you’ve procrastinated to the max, exams are closer than ever and you still haven’t got your shit together. You find yourself wishing that you had tried harder earlier and you hate past you for slacking off. Regardless of the fact that you know the entire timeline of GoT, you can’t remember a single sentence of your English essay and the amount of content you need to revise is overwhelming.

1. Stop doing other shit

Hide your phone, get your friend to lock you out of their Netflix account and download Self Control to stop you checking Facebook when you need to be studying. The only way you’re going to get started is by cutting off all the stuff that you’ve spent the past months doing instead of studying. You don’t need to go into isolation but you need to give yourself the best chance possible to actually get some work done.

2. Don’t look at how much you have to do

This is a sure fire way of paralysing yourself and still not get any work done. Don’t think of how much you need to do and how little time you have to do it. Instead, break it down. It’s a tried and tested method that will make getting started a lot easier and make you feel more accomplished when you get something done.

3. Stop trying to over organise

Yeah, you’re going to need a basic game plan of how you’re going to attack each subject. But endless lists, printable calendars, colour coded flash cards and diaries are just going to distract you more than anything and you’ll find yourself spending more time writing your to do list than actually doing anything on it. The illusion of productivity that these planners will give you is just that- an illusion, so don’t fall for it.

4. Don’t compare yourself

Seriously, don’t even think about comparing yourself to the girl who has coloured coded flash cards and her English quotes embedded into her brain. Or the guy that has been doing practice exams for weeks and can actually answer the teacher’s questions in class. Again, this is only going to freak you out more. Look at where you’re at, what you need to focus on and the areas you already know and work from there rather than basing your studying off what everyone else is doing.


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