If you had your heart set on university, but didn’t quite get the marks, or you think you’re tragically underprepared for university (we all are, TBH) it’s time to think about what your best chance for success is going to be. We know it can be a difficult process, and thinking long and hard about the future often leaves you frustrated and craving ice cream.


We can make it easy for you by letting you in on a little secret: your best chance for success is being prepared.

The main goal of pathways to university is to prepare you to succeed. At UTS:INSEARCH, it’s their belief that any student has the potential to succeed, and that they should have to opportunity to at UTS.

But what is succeeding all about? The definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.” It’s about setting goals for yourself and doing the best you can, performing as well as you can so that you can achieve them. To do this, you need to surround yourself with people who are committed to supporting you, and a can-do attitude that will take you all the way.

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UTS:INSEARCH provides you with the support base to make your goals a little easier to achieve, and bring success a little closer to your fingertips. It’s a rewarding student experience, with highly qualified teachers and incredible facilities and learning resources.

Their strong connections with UTS mean that their programs are designed in consultation with UTS faculties, so that they complement the study you’ll be doing later on. This means that, depending on the course you choose, you’re guaranteed entry into a UTS bachelor degree and you may even be able to fast track straight into second year.

These ties don’t just stop at academics, though. At UTS:INSEARCH, you get the unique opportunity to be a part of the UTS community, reaping the benefits of library access, and building friendships through the social clubs, sports and events on offer.


The classes are small, which means your tuition is more personal and you’ll be able to thrive in an environment built to see you succeed. Boosting your skills in more complex subjects will ensure you’re totally prepared for university, so you’re not panicking in first year and you can enter your higher education completely confident and ready for success. The teachers all want to give you your best chance, and all the students are there to find theirs.

So put that Ben & Jerry’s back in the freezer and get thinking about how you’re going to give yourself your best chance. It’s up to you to decide what success is to you, but the best way to achieve it is to prepare with the support and guidance of a program that aims to propel you straight into your future with the skills and confidence to make it all the way.

There is another way into UTS. Find out more at a UTS:INSEARCH info sessionThe next session is on the 11th Feb 2016.

Don’t let your ATAR define you. #ImNotANumber


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